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  • Case studies of Busi Administration - Official Website.
  • 50 Case Studies for Management and Supervisory Training


Case Studies
Author, coauthor or supervisor of 425 items of teaching material, including 276 case
studies, and technical notes, 12 video case supplements and 137 teaching notes. Writer
and editor of four editions of Case Studies in Finance: Managing for Corporate Value
Creation (1990, 1994, 1999, and 2002, Burr Ridge: McGraw-Hill/Irwin) in which a
number of these cases appear. The following list is in approximate chronological order.
1. "The Real Paper" (HBS 4-375-429) published in Business Policy: Text and Cases (4th
ed.) by C.R. Christensen, K. R. Andrews, and J.L. Bower, Irwin Publishing Company,
2. "Congoleum Corporation" (HBS 9-281-010) published in Case Problems in Finance
(9th, 10th and 11th eds.) edited by W. Carl Kester, W.E. Fruhan, Jr., Scott P. Mason,
T.R. Piper, and Richard S. Ruback, Irwin Publishing Company, 1997.
3. "UV Industries" (HBS 4-280-072).
4. "Firestone/Borg-Warner" (HBS 4-280-105)
5. "Ashland Oil" (HBS 1-281-039)
6. "United Refining Company (A)" (UVA-F-517)
7. "United Refining Company (B)" (UVA-F-518)
8. "Cleveland-Cliffs Mining Company" (UVA-F-513)
9. "Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation" (UVA-F-541)
10. "Duke Power Company (A)" (UVA-F-561)
11. "Duke Power Company (B)" (UVA-F-562)
12. "Duke Power Company (C)" (UVA-F-563)
13. "Note on the Sustainable Dividend Growth Rate" (UVA-F-581)
14. "Delta and Eastern Airlines" (UVA-F-612)
15. "Note on the Air Transport Industry" (UVA-F-582)
16. "Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas" (UVA-F-613)
17. "Note on the Air Frame Industry" (UVA-F-613)
18. "Economy Shipping (B)" (UVA-F-565)
19. "Economy Shipping (C)" (UVA-F-566)
20. "A Reader's Guide to Miller and Modigliani" (UVA-F-572)
21. "Martha Morgan's Interviews" (UVA-F-609)
22. "Martha Morgan's Other Interviews" (UVA-F-610)
23. "Norris Industries" (UVA-F-614) published in Case Studies in Financial Decision
Making (1st and 2nd eds.) by Diana Harrington, Dryden Press, 1985.
24. "Background Note: Setting Corporate Financial Goals and Evaluating Performance"
25. "Background Note: Formulating Corporate Financial Strategy" (UVA-F-616)
26. "Potomac Paper" (UVA-F-585)
27. "Sturbridge Industries" (UVA-F-600)
28. "Bumble Bee Seafoods, Inc." (UVA-F-699)
29. "Chrysler's Warrants, September 1983" (UVA-F-682)
30. "Choosing Among Different Valuation Approaches" (UVA-F-720)
31. "Corporate Finance and Strategy: A Pocket Guide for Bankers" (UVA-F-622)
32. "Three Restructurings with Trusts and Partnerships" (UVA-F-747)
33. "Corporate Restructuring and the Master Limited Partnership" (UVA-F-723)
34. "Design Technologies Inc." (UVA-F-686)
35. "Walt Disney Productions, June 1984" (UVA-F-676)
36. "HPSC Inc. (A)" (UVA-F-740)
37. "HPSC Inc. (B)" (UVA-F-741)
38. "HPSC Inc. (C)" (UVA-F-742)
39. "Market Imperfections as a Rationale for Corporate Organization and
Restructuring" (UVA-F-722)
40. "Merit Marine Inc." (UVA-F-678)
41. "Morgan Stanley Group, Inc." (UVA-F-719)
42. "Pacific Northwest Cable Television Inc." (UVA-F-724)
43. "L.S. Starrett Co." (UVA-F-673)
44. "Leveraged Employee Stock Ownership Plans" (UVA-F-674)
45. "Corporate Finance for Bankers" (UVA-F-744)
46. "Corporate Restructuring" (UVA-F-748)
47. "The Student in the Case Method Environment" (UVA-G-619)
48. "Valuation Exercise Using the HP12C" (UVA-F-752)
49. "Alfin Fragrances" (UVA-F-776)
50. "Aqua Company (A)" (UVA-F-778)
51. "Aqua Company (B)" (UVA-F-779)
52. "Coleco Industries" (UVA-F-775)
53. "De Laurentiis Entertainment Group" (UVA-F-772)
54. "Emerson Electric" (UVA-F-771)
55. "Enercon Corporation " (UVA-F-801)
56. "Financial Detective" (UVA-F-805) Reprinted in The Art of Case Analysis, R.
Ronstadt ed., Lord Publishing Co., South Natick, Massachusetts, 1992.
57. "General Motors--1988" (UVA-F-789)
58. "Hybritech Inc. (A)" (UVA-F-792)
59. "Hybritech Inc. (B)" (UVA-F-793)
60. "Iskall Arno (A)" (UVA-F-780)
61. "Iskall Arno (B)" (UVA-F-781)
62. "Iskall Arno (Abridged)" (UVA-F-814)
63. "Eli Lilly and Company" (UVA-F-794)
64. "Southboro Corporation" (UVA-F-799)
65. "Sprigg Lane (A)" (UVA-QA-302)
66. "Sprigg Lane (B)" (UVA-F-804)
67. "Teletech Inc." (UVA-F-787)
68. "Tonka Corporation" (UVA-F-774)
69. "Vincennes Electric" (UVA-F-786)
70. "Atlantic Southeast Airlines" (UVA-F-797)
71. "Sybron Corporation" (UVA-F-769)
72. "Boston Celtics" (UVA-F-803)
73. "Gifford Bunsen & Company" (UVA-F-784)
74. "DuPont 1909" (UVA-F-796)
75. "Peter Lynch and the Fidelity Magellan Fund" (UVA-F-777)
76. "Investment Detective" (UVA-F-813)
77. "Introduction to Debt Policy and Value" (UVA-F-811)
78. "Flowers Industries (Abridged)" (UVA-F-812)
79. "Societe Generale de Belgique (A)" (UVA-F-845)
80. "Societe Generale de Belgique (B)" (UVA-F-882)
81-97. "Takeover !" (cases A through D4) (UVA-F-842)
98. "Enigma Engineering, Inc." (UVA-F-823)
99. "Revco D.S. Inc. (A)" (UVA-F-821)
100. "Revco D.S. Inc. (B)" (UVA-F-822)
101. "Revco D.S. Inc. (C)" (UVA-F-904)
102. "Brunswick Federal Savings & Loan" (UVA-F-788)
103. "Johnstown Corporation" (UVA-F-783)
104. "Spiegel, Inc. (A)" (UVA-F-806)
105. "Spiegel, Inc. (B)" (UVA-F-807)
106. "Spiegel, Inc. (Abridged)" (UVA-F-XXX)
107. "Blue Cross and Blue Shield" (UVA-F-800)
108. "Johnson's Nursery" (UVA-F-790)
109. "The Pricing of Options: Introduction and Applications" (UVA-F-761)
110. "Corporate Finance and the HP19B" (UVA-F-XXX)
111. "Marriott: Frankfurt and Dusseldorf" (UVA-F-928)
112. "Cable Southwest L.P." (UVA-F-913)
113. "Sengupta Fibres Ltd." (UVA-F-935)
114. "Adams Inc." (UVA-F-964)
115. "Jindo Corporation" (UVA-F-962)
116. "Groupe Pierre Lessard Ltd." (UVA-F-963)
117. "Gallery of Furs Inc." (UVA-F-965)
118. "Identifying Corporate Financial Policy" (UVA-F-939)
119. "Tactical Execution of Corporate Financing Policy" (UVA-F-940)
120. "Unidentified Financial Structures" (UVA-F-941)
121. "Maturity and Basis Issues in Corporate Financing" (UVA-F-947)
122. "RJR Nabisco Exchange Offer, 1990" (UVA-F-952)
123. "Primus Automation Division" (UVA-F-950)
124. "A Critical Look at the Self-Sustainable Growth Rate Concept" (UVA-F-951)
125. "United Telecommunications, Inc." (UVA-F-953)
126. "The Home Depot, Inc." (UVA-F-960)
127. "Notes on Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions" (UVA-F-557)
128. "Rh?ne-Poulenc S.A." (UVA-F-1016)
129. "Rh?ne-Poulenc Rorer Inc." (UVA-F-1015)
130. "Empirical Chemicals (A)" (UVA-F-1020)
131. "Empirical Chemicals (B)" (UVA-F-1021)
132. "Vesuvio Fonderia SpA" (UVA-F-1026)
133. "Caledonian Newspapers Ltd. (A)" (UVA-F-1012)
134. "Caledonian Newspapers Ltd. (B)" (UVA-F-1013)
135. "Caledonian Newspapers Ltd. (Abridged)" (UVA-F-1011)
136. "Medi-Media International Ltd." (UVA-F-1032)
137. "Bank of Tokyo" (UVA-F-1018)
138. "Glaxo Italia S.p.A.: The Zinnat Marketing Decision" (UVA-F-1014)
139. "The Boeing 777" (UVA-F-1017)
140. "Grand Metropolitan PLC" (UVA-F-1019) Reprinted in Strategic Management:
Formulation, Implementation and Control, 6th ed., by Jack Pearce and Richard
Robinson Burr Ridge: Richard D. Irwin, 1996. Also reprinted in International
Corporate Finance, by Eaker, Fabozzi, and Grant, New York, Dryden Press,
141. "Euro Disneyland S.C.A., Fall 1989" (UVA-F-1033)
142. "Euro Disneyland S.C.A., The Project Financing" (UVA-F-1034), and republished
in edited form in Project Financing by John Finnerty, New York: Wiley, 1996.
143. "Technical Note on Project Financing: An Economic Overview," (UVA-F-1035)
144. "Euro Disney S.C.A., June 1991" (UVA-F-1036)
145-148. "GM-Euroslavia Joint Venture Investment Simulation" (UVA-F-1043 to 1046)
"Government of Euroslavia" (UVA-F-1043)
"Zurich: Marketing and Planning" (UVA-F-1044)
"Russelsheim: Adam Opel A.G." (UVA-F-1045)
"Brussels: Treasury Group" (UVA-F-1046)
149. "Oracle Systems Corp." (UVA-F-1031). Reprinted in International Financial
Reporting and Analysis, Kenneth Ferris, Mark Haskins, and Thomas Selling eds.,
(Burr Ridge: R.D. Irwin, 1994)
150. "Pan-Europa Foods S.A." (UVA-F-1028)
151. "Bayern Brauerei" (UVA-F-1027). Reprinted in International Financial Reporting
and Analysis, Kenneth Ferris, Mark Haskins, and Thomas Selling eds., (Burr
Ridge: R.D. Irwin, 1994)
152. "Westboro Corporation" (UVA-F-1030)
153. "Iskall Arno (Abridged)" (UVA-F-814)
154. "Revco D.S. Inc.: Assessing Capital Adequacy" (UVA-F-1037)
155. "The Body Shop International PLC: An Introduction to Financial Modeling" (UVA-
F- 1039).
156. "Syracuse Electric Inc." (UVA-F-1041)
157. "British Aerospace PLC (A)" (UVA-F-1047). Reprinted in Global Business
Management edited by Mark Eaker and Faith Rubenstein, New York:
Southwestern Publishing, 1997.
158. "British Aerospace PLC (B)" (UVA-F-1048)
159. "Astral Records Ltd. N.A.: Some Financial Concerns" (UVA-F-1065)
160. "Structuring Corporate Financial Policy: Diagnosis of Problems and Evaluation of
Strategies" (UVA-F-1054)
161. "Glenayre Electronics Manufacturing (A)"
162. "Glenayre Electronics Manufacturing (B)"
163. "Anna Krzykowiak" (UVA-F-1067)
164. "Janucz Lewandewski" (UVA-F-1068)
165. "Volvo AB/Regie Nationale des Usines Renault" (UVA-F-1088). Reprinted in
Global Business Management edited by Mark Eaker and Faith Rubenstein, New
York: Southwestern Publishing, 1997.
166. "Calaveras Vineyards" (UVA-F-1094)
167. "Massive Power Design Corporation" (UVA-F-1086)
168. "Volvo/Renault: The Contest for Corporate Control" (UVA-F-1089). Reprinted in
Global Business Management edited by Mark Eaker and Faith Rubenstein, New
York: Southwestern Publishing, 1997.
169. "Eastern Airlines Bankruptcy (A): Texas Air Corporation" (UVA-F-1090)
170. "Eastern Airlines Bankruptcy (B): The Unions" (UVA-F-1091)
171. "Eastern Airlines Bankruptcy (C): The Ritchie Group" (UVA-F-1092)
172. "Eastern Airlines Bankruptcy (D): The Unsecured Creditors' Committee" (UVA-F-
173. "Renault-Volvo Strategic Alliance (A): March 1993" (UVA-G-0480). Reprinted
in International Global Marketing Management: Concepts and Cases by Taylor
Meloan and John L. Graham, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997.
174. "Renault-Volvo Strategic Alliance (B): September 1993" (UVA-G-0481)
175. "Renault-Volvo Strategic Alliance (C): December 1, 1993" (UVA-G-0482)
176. "Renault-Volvo Strategic Alliance (D): December 2, 1993 and Afterward" (UVA-G-
177. "Renault-Volvo Strategic Alliance (B Abridged)" (UVA-G-0484)
178. "FedEx-UPS: The Package Wars" (UVA-G-0485)
179. "Wellsford Residential Property Trust" (UVA-F-1116)
180. "Holly Residential Properties, Inc." (UVA-F-1117)
181. "The Battle for Value: Federal Express Corporation vs. United Parcel Service of
America Inc." (UVA-F-1115)
182. "The Battle for Value: Federal Express Corporation vs. United Parcel Service of
America Inc." (Abridged) (UVA-F-1124)
183. "The Fidelity Magellan Fund, 1995" (UVA-F-1126)
184. "The Transformation of AlliedSignal" (UVA-F-1128)
185. "OmniBank N.A." (UVA-F-1150)
186. "Beignet Credit Corporation" (UVA-F-1151)
187. "Rocky Mountain Advanced Genome Inc." (UVA-F-1136)
188. "Tar Products" (UVA-G-0504)
189. "Carbon Materials and Technologies" (UVA-G-0505)
190. "Teletech Corporation, 1996" (UVA-F-1152)
191. "Boston Chicken 42% Convertible Subordinated Debentures" (UVA-F-1153)
192. "Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, 1995 (A)" (UVA-F-1145)
193. "Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, 1995 (B)" (UVA-F-1146)
194. "Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette, 1995 (Abridged)" (UVA-F-1147)
195. "American Telephone & Telegraph: AT&T/McCaw Merger Negotiation" (UVA-F-
196. "McCaw Cellular Communications: AT&T/McCaw Merger Negotiation" (UVA-F-
197. "Westmoreland Energy, Inc.: Power Project at Zhangzhe, China" (UVA-F-1155)
198. "Warren E. Buffett, 1995" (UVA-F-1160)
199. "Ph?n-Tech Corporation, 1996" (UVA-F-1161)
200. "The Financial Detective, 1995" (UVA-F-1162)
201. "Takeover! 1997 (A): The Target" (UVA-F-1170) (This, and the following three
cases are significant revisions of "Takeover!" (Cases A through D4).)
202. "Takeover! 1997 (B): The Raider" (UVA-F-1171)
203. "Takeover! 1997 (C): The LBO Firm" (UVA-F-1172)
204. "Takeover! 1997 (D): The White Knight" (UVA-F-1173)
205. "Continental Cablevision/Fintelco Joint Venture" (UVA-F-1149)
206. "Jeanne Mockard at Putnam Investments" (UVA-F-1174)
207. "Polaroid Corporation, 1996" (UVA-F-1181)
208. "Planet Copias & Imagem" (UVA-F-1182)
209. "Kohlberg & Company: Northwestern Steel Investment Negotiation Exercise"
210. "Management Team: Northwestern Steel Investment Negotiation Exercise" (UVA-
211. "Omnibank N.A.: Northwestern Steel Investment Negotiation Exercise" (UVA-F-
212. "Mirth Press, Inc." (UVA-F-1196)
213. "Northboro Machine Tools" (UVA-F-1208) (A revision of the "Westboro" and
"Southboro" cases.)
214. "Paginas Amarelas" (UVA-F-1210)
215. "Rosario Acero" (UVA-F-1210) (A revision of the "Johnstown Steel" case.)
216. "Value_Merge.XLS: When and How to Use the Model" (UVA-F-1213)
217. "The Price of Success at Dow Jones" (UVA-F-1214)

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