Education department and teacher certification program

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Education Department and Teacher Certification Program

Education Student Handbook
Saint Vincent College
300 Fraser Purchase Road
Latrobe, PA 15650
Education Department
Ground Floor Prep Hall
Education Chairperson: Veronica I. Ent, Ed. D.
Secretary Phone 724-805-2096
Table of Contents
Introduction i Graduate Programs in Education
Education Faculty and Staff
and Dual Certification Options 32
Directory iii
Saint Vincent College Master's Degrees 32
in Education
Requirements for Teacher Education 1
Certification Areas Available 1 A P P E N D I C E S
Courses Required For Certification 3 Appendix Index 38
and Portfolio Assessment
Academic Advising 6
Pennsylvania Code of Professional 39
Practice and Conduct for Educators
Testing Information 8
SVC Lesson Plan Format 44
Act 151 / 33 / 126, FBI Clearances, and 14
Tuberculosis Tests
Lesson Observation and Evaluation 48
Fieldwork, Teaching Observations 16 Forms
and Volunteerism
Professionalism and Ethics 19 PDE 430 Form Categories and 53
C H A P T E R 2 Checklist for the Application for Advanced 56
Student Teaching Program 21 Standing
Verification of Required Hours of Fieldwork 59
Online Application for Pre-Student K-12; 7-12, Middle and PreK-4
Teaching 21
Application for Advanced Standing 22 Recommendation for Admission 63
to Advanced Standing
Student Athlete Policy 25
Pre-Student Teaching Practicum
Application Procedure for Alternative 65
Guidelines 27
Advising Sheets for Undergraduate 67
Student Teaching Internship Certification Programs
Guidelines 30
Advising Sheets for Graduate Programs 99
V. Ent/R. Michalow 2016
Welcome to Teacher
Choosing a career in education is a commitment to serve
society and a career that will be gratifying and fulfilling for
years to come.
Welcome to the Education Department at Saint Vincent College. You have
chosen teaching as your life's work; this choice makes you a very special person.
You will be contributing to the betterment of the world throughout your career.
This Handbook describes the procedures and policies of both the Pennsylvania
Department of Education and the Saint Vincent College Education Department.
To learn about the procedures and policies of the College, please refer to the
Saint Vincent College Bulletin and the Student Handbook.
The Saint Vincent College and Teacher Education Program is housed on the
ground floor of Prep Hall. Faculty offices are in Prep Hall and Carey Center.
The Education Department provides all requirements as delineated by the
Pennsylvania Department of Education for certification in specific content areas.
Undergraduate students seeking a secondary or a PreK-12 teaching certificate
declare a minor in Education and a major in a specific content field such as
English, mathematics, art, etc. Undergraduate students seeking an Early
Childhood or Middle Grade teaching certificate declare a major in Early
Childhood or Middle Grade Education. To learn more about the different
programs, see Appendix I of this Handbook.
Post baccalaureate students wishing to earn secondary or PreK-12 certification
should declare teacher certificate candidacy and must complete the necessary
course work required in their specialty area.
Saint Vincent College has constructed its teacher certification program based on
the general and specialty area guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of
Education (PDE). See the PDE web site for information and clarification at
i The Education Department also conforms to the PDE
Form 430 as well as the INTASC Principles, which can be found on the web site
and Appendix D of this handbook. The Principles are compatible with the PDE
The Mission of the Education Department
The Department derives its direction and vitality from the mission statement of the College.
As the College seeks to integrate professional ethics and goals with the broader purposes of
human life, so the Education Department seeks to focus its field and classroom experiences
on the development of teachers who understand the integral relationship of parents, family,
school, and community to the general development of children. The Department's
certification programs, activities, and encounters encourage theoretical studies of curricula
and child/adolescent development; induction into the conventions and practices of masterful
teaching; the nurturing of personal aspirations to serve and care for children; and the
personal maturation into socially, emotionally, and intellectually well-adjusted educators
who will make positive contributions to the schools and communities in which they teach.
The means to these ends are fully accredited Instructional I Certification undergraduate
study programs in art, biology, business computers and information technology, chemistry,
Chinese, early childhood education, middle grade education, English, French, mathematics,
physics, social studies, Spanish, and special education. Additional graduate instructional
certification programs are Curriculum Supervision, Instructional Technology Specialist,
School Counselor Education, Special Education, Principal preK-12, and School
Education Directory
Faculty and Staff in the Education Department
Chairperson Dr. Veronica I. Ent Prep Hall 724-805-2586
Ground floor
Certification Officers Dr. Veronica I. Ent Prep Ground floor 724-805-2586
Dr. Richard Nichols Carey 2nd floor K-20 724-805-2126
Mrs. Celine Brudnok Alfred Registrar 724-537-2720
Department Secretary Mrs. Joan Roach Prep Ground floor 724-805-2096
Full Time Faculty
Dr. Kathy Beining Carey 2nd floor K-21B 724-805-2981
Mrs. Carol Borland Carey 2nd floor K-20 724-805-2944
Dr. Janet Franicola Prep Ground floor 724-805-2475
Dr. Mary Anne Hazer Prep Ground floor 724-805-2224
Dr. Linda Jukes Prep Ground floor 724-805-2515
Fr. Philip Kanfush Prep 100A 724-805-2417
Dr. Tracy McNelly Carey 2nd floor K-25 724-805-2447
Dr. Robert Michalow Prep Ground floor 724-805-2710
Dr. Richard Nichols Carey 2nd floor K-20 724-805-2126
Dr. Stacie Nowikowski Prep Ground floor 724-805-2686
Dr. Dawn Turkovich Carey 2nd floor K-21A 724-805-2714
Adjunct Faculty All adjunct faculties keep office hours before and after classes or by appointment. The adjunct faculty office
And Student Teacher is located in Carey 2nd floor Room K-26. Their mailboxes are located in Education Office on the Ground
Floor of Prep Hall. Please refer to individual course syllabi for additional contact information. Call the
department secretary, Ms. Joan Roach, to speak with an adjunct professor or leave a message at 724-805-
Mr. Steve Clark Mrs. Wanda Reynolds
Ms. Elaine King Mr. Aaron Sams
Ms. Wendy Milne Mr. Al Sanfilippo
Mr. Sean Myers Mr. Richard Volpatti
Dr. Connie Palmer Dr. Donna Witherspoon
Dr. Sandy Reidmiller
Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Studies Ms. Allison Arendas Mrs. Sharon Greene
Mr. Nick Ashley Mr. Jason Hilton
Ms. Courtney Baum Mrs. Lisa Maloney
Dr. Dennis Clawson Mrs. Andrea Redinger
Ms. Samantha Fecich Dr. William Rullo
Dr. Paul Follansbee Ms. Briana Keith
Dr. Robert Thomas
Email addresses for all faculty and staff are

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