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Title: English, B.A. (Liberal Arts)
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What can you do with a Liberal Arts (social/ behavioral ...

English, B.A. (Liberal Arts) 1
ENGLISH, B.A. (LIBERAL You Might Like This Program If...
? You enjoy composing texts that are varied in genre, style, and
ARTS) medium, including critical essays, short stories, poems, reviews,
digital media, podcasts, and others.
Begin Campus: Any Penn State Campus ? You find yourself compelled to make connections between literary
texts and ideas that are both present across historical eras and
End Campus: University Park pertinent to current realities.
Program Description
? You are interested in how audiences treat and use texts, whether the
texts are print or digital, technical, critical, and/or creative.
Majors explore the imaginative and practical uses of English through ? You want to solve problems through deliberate communication, in
courses in literature, writing, rhetoric, and language. They develop arenas that overlap with other areas of human life, like science, law,
perspectives on human nature and cultural values through American, art, business, and the social sciences.
British, and other English literatures; they learn how to gather, analyze,
synthesize, and communicate information; they gain mastery over their
language. These skills help English majors find careers in such fields as
publishing, business, industry, government, and teaching. English majors
often go on to postgraduate study not only in English but in such areas
as law, business, education, or other liberal disciplines.
Majors can emphasize writing, literature, or rhetoric, or a mix of literature,
writing, and rhetoric. All provide a liberal education and all develop
analytic and writing skills. Qualified students may participate in the
career internship and in the English honors program.
Students interested in earning certification in secondary education
should contact the College of Education, Department of Curriculum and
Instruction. (See also Teacher Education Programs.)
Traditions of Innovation Option
Available at the following campuses: Abington, Altoona, Brandywine,
Scranton, University Park
This option allows students to explore the imaginative and practical uses
of English language through a variety of courses in literature, writing, and
rhetoric across historical periods. The flexibility of the English curriculum
allows students to focus in literary and cultural studies, creative writing,
professional and media writing, and/or rhetoric, according to individual
interests and goals. In the process, students learn to gather, analyze,
synthesize, and communicate information as they improve their language
skills across diverse creative and critical scenarios. These skills prepare
students for careers in a wide range of professional fields.
Writing and Literature in Context Option
Available at the following campuses: Abington, Brandywine, Greater
Allegheny, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, York
This option focuses on English as a foundation for strong critical thinking
and distinctive communication skills, imaginative approaches to problem
solving, and collaboration with aligned fields. The flexibility of the major
allows students to study literature, creative writing, theatre, media
studies, professional writing, and/or other disciplines, according to their
individual interests and goals. These foundations prepare English majors
for careers in a wide range of professional fields.
What is English?
English refers to a broad field of study related to the reading, writing,
studying and analyzing of English literature and language. The field
includes the many and varied forms and genres of literature, writing, and
rhetoric, and often considers how value and meaning are created, and
information communicated, through these various texts.

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