National police canine association standards for training

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National Police Canine Association Standards for Training ...

National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
National Police Canine Association
Standards for Training
Certifications Manual
Revised - August 14th, 2014. Supersedes all previous training & certification manuals.
N.P.C.A. Standards for Training & Certifications Manual
National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
Table of Contents
Page 3 - About The NPCA with Director & Contact Information
Page 4 - Classes of Membership and Fees
Page 5 - Standards for Certifying Official / Instructor / Trainer
Page 6 - Scent Detection Certification - Narcotics
Page 7 - Scent Detection Certification - Explosives
Page 8 - Scent Detection Certifications - Wildlife / Aircraft / Contraband / Gun
Page 9 - Patrol Certification
Page 10 - Patrol Certification continued
Page 11 - Patrol Certification continued
Page 12 - Patrol Certification continued
Page 13 - Handler Protection Certification
Page 14 - Special Response Team I A Certification
Page 15 - SRT Recon Diagram
Page 16 - Special Response Team I B & C Certification
Page 17 - SRT High Risk Arrest Diagram
Page 18 - Tracking I Certification
Page 19 - Trailing I Certification
Page 20 - Trailing II Certification
Page 21 - Human Scent Detection Certification
Page 22 - Currency Detection Certification
(Please check the latest minutes for updates/changes).
National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
NPCA Mission & Director Information - Page 3
Welcome to the National Police Canine Association (NPCA). NPCA is a non-profit association dedicated to the training,
development, and certification of law enforcement canine teams and their administrations. NPCA strives to be the best resource for
the professional canine unit.
NPCA offers nationally accepted certifications throughout the year, across the United States. NPCA also provides regional and
national canine training seminars.
The recognized National Certification Test(s) offer realistic and attainable goals for today's working Service Dog Team. NPCA
promotes and assists in the utilization of Police Service Dogs in prevention and detection of crime, promotes service dog education
programs, provides assistance to law enforcement in the implementation of Police Service Dogs programs, and promotes a standard
certification of Police Service Dogs.
NPCA has Trainers, Instructors, a Standards Committee and a Board of Directors with vast canine experience in all canine related
NPCA provides street-realistic certifications in Patrol, Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, Tracking and Trailing, Contraband,
Tactical and Wildlife.
The NPCA recommends a minimum of 16 hours per month dedicated to regular canine maintenance training to ensure a high level of
performance for both the handler and canine.
The Membership Book is updated every 2 years. During this time, if changes or additions are made the updates will be placed on the
NPCA web site .
***Any attempt to intentionally violate stated rules shall result in being excused from certification and or possible expulsion
from organization***
Contact Information:
NPCA PO Box 538 Waddell, Arizona 85355 Phone & Fax 1-877-362-1219
President - Terry Anderson - t.anderson@ Treasurer/Training Director - Mark Green -
Secretary - Joe Caponetto-j.caponetto@
Regional Directors:
NC Regional Director - Ryan Sumner-r.sumner@ SC Regional Director -- Danny Valdez -d.valdez@
(ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH, KY) (TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, TN, Al)
NE Regional Director -- Mark Tobin - m.tobin@ SE Regional Director - Fred Janke - f.janke@
(ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, NY, PA, WV, VA) (NC, SC, GA, FL)
NW Regional Director - Bill Delay - w.delay@ SW Regional Director - Tim Norton -
(ID, UT, MT, WY, C0, AK) (AZ, NM, NV)
WC Regional Director -
(CA, OR, WA, HI)
Administrative Assistant - Katy Farnsworth -- k.farnsworth@ PO Box 538 Waddell, AZ 85355
1-877-362-1219 phone number & fax
National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
Classes of Membership and Fees - Page 4
Regular (K-9) Member Membership Revocation
Regular K-9 membership may be conferred on The NPCA retains the right to revoke any membership
commissioned law enforcement and corrections (without refund of fees) at anytime due to changes in
officers (municipal, county, state, federal, or military) the member's qualifications or employment status,
assigned full time duties as a canine handler or trainers failure to comply with the association's membership
of police service dogs. A regular member may vote requirements, failure to pay annual fees, or conviction
and hold office in the association. of a felony. If membership is revoked for any other
Associate Member reason, the NPCA will refund a pro rata share of the
annual fees for the current year.
Associate membership may be conferred on: Membership Fees
1. retired or former regular (K-9) members;
2. direct supervisors of canine units;
Membership fees shall be payable and submitted in
full with the application for membership.
3. handlers or trainers of police service dogs for law
enforcement agencies who do not qualify for Membership fees are paid annually and are due on
regular membership, including part-time or January 1st of each year.
reserve law enforcement officers;
New members joining on or after October 1st will be
4. commissioned law enforcement officers actively considered fees paid for the following year.
associated with a law enforcement agency's K9
unit as helpers or decoys; and Regular Membership $ 40.00 yearly
5. prosecutors and legal advisors employed by law
enforcement agencies. Associate Membership $ 40.00 yearly
Associate members may vote, but may not hold office Support Membership $200.00 minimum
in the association. *However, a retired regular (K-9)
member whose membership was in good standing at Corporate Membership $100.00 yearly
the time of retirement is eligible to hold office in the
association. Corporate-Individual Fee $ 50.00 yearly
Support Membership
Support membership may be conferred on any Once the Corporation has paid their yearly fees, each
individual or company that is interested in supporting individual with the corporation wishing to be a
the association. Support members shall not be entitled member, must pay the corporate individual fee,
to vote or hold office in the association. allowing said individual to certify with a canine.
Corporate Membership Certification Fees: $ 20.00
(For each certification-per team)
After review by the Standards of Training and (Must be a paid member)
Certification Committee and approval by the Board of
Directors, corporate membership may be conferred on
any company who employs full-time canine handlers Any Regular or Associate K9 Team (handler and
and is licensed by the Federal Drug Enforcement dog) holding a current Regular or Associate
Administration, ATF, or any state agency (as membership, may attempt certifications in the
applicable). Corporate members are not entitled to profiles they have been trained (Human
vote or hold office in the association. Canine handlers Concealment exception) and offered by the
employed by qualified corporations will be allowed to association. Handlers employed by a corporation
join the association under the corporate membership, or private company can only attempt certification
and will be limited to certifications and other specific if their employer is a current corporate member
corporate training. and in good standing with the Association.
We make every effort to limit our expenses and to
avoid the need to increase fees, but we retain the
right to increase fees as needed. We will provide
our members notice of any fee increases as far in
advance as possible.
National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
Standards for Certifying Official / Instructor / Trainer - Page 5
Certifying Official Instructor
Must be a commissioned or prior commissioned law Must be a member in good standing and a Certifying
enforcement officer who is a Regular K-9 or Associate Official with NPCA for a minimum of one (1) year.
Member of NPCA.
Must have a minimum of six (6) years experience in Must have passed an approved K-9 Instructor's School
handling and/or training Police Service Dogs in and a 240 hour Basic K-9 School or accumulated a
relation to patrol applications (Patrol Official) and minimum of 300 hours of K-9 instructional training in
scent detection application (Detector Official). During the field that they are applying (patrol/detection or
this period, members must have successfully obtained both) and must provide a written recommendation
an NPCA Patrol and/or Scent Detection Certificate (in from a current board member.
respective field of experience) one (1) time. Must submit a letter from Department Head verifying
Applicants must send copies of certificates and proof applicant as a Department K-9 Instructor or Trainer.
of experience in K-9 as required for verification. Must submit resume', certificates and certifications
Or, a minimum of six (6) years experience in handling verifying aforementioned requirements to the
and/or training Police Service Dogs in relation to Administrative Assistant along with 1 copy single
respective experience and have successfully sided.
completed a minimum of 400 accumulated hours of
formal training. Applicant must send a copy of Trainer
academy or course certificate for verification and must
have certified one (1) time in prospective field. Must be a member and Certifying Official with
Must apprentice (novice) ten (10) K-9 Teams, in each
phase, all aspects of the phases applying for Must be a certified NPCA Instructor for a minimum of
(detection, patrol or both), under the direction of two two (2) years.
(2) Certifying Officials. This does not include Must attend an Oral Board meeting with the Standards
additional odors in narcotics. Applicants must fill out of Training and Certification Committee while
novice score sheets and have them signed by the attending the NPCA National Training Seminar.
directing Certifying Officials. All novices must be
completed before applying. Must actively participate as an Instructor, under the
Must file a personal resume', along with copies of supervision of an NPCA Trainer, at a minimum of two
certificates and of novice score sheets to the (2) NPCA National Training Seminars. An evaluation
Administrative Assistant. Application must be and recommendation will be submitted by the
complete before sending for review, and must Standards Committee to the Executive Board, prior to
include 1 copy single sided. Prior to receiving the candidate achieving Trainer status.
credentials, applicant must attend Certifying Official Must have a minimum of 500 accumulated hours in a
class. formal K-9 course approved by NPCA to include
Must be fair and honest to all participants and fluent in Course Curriculum and Course Certificate, or is
the Standards of Certifications. currently employed as an active trainer for a law
Must uphold the Standards and be available to testify
enforcement agency for a minimum of two (2) years.
to his personal observances of individual Police K-9 Must have successfully trained a minimum of six (6)
Certifications. canine teams in which four (4) of the six must have
Must attend a Certifying Official class once every
certified NPCA. Documentation of these certifications
three years held at NPCA Nationals or by their
must be submitted with application.
respective Regional Representative. Certifying Must submit proof of the requirements to the
Officials must certify five (5) K-9 Teams in their Administrative Assistant, along with 1 copy single
respective field or fields in a calendar year (January - sided that will be sent out to the Standards Committee
December) to keep their Certifying Official Status. If for review.
an Official is inactive from certifying Police K-9
Teams for a period of one (1) year, then their ***All NPCA certifications must be approved
Certifying Officials' credentials may be terminated by
the Standards Committee upon approval of the by the Region Director where the certification
Executive Board of Directors. will take place prior to certification. Personal
character and conduct are important to NPCA's
reputation and NPCA will conduct background
checks of any applicant who applies for CO
status with NPCA.***
National Police Canine Association - Standards & Training
Scent Detection Certifications - Page 6
Narcotic Certification
Vehicle Search: Shall consist of four (4) vehicles and
A minimum of two (2) Certified Detector Officials are two (2) finds. Narcotic finds may be concealed in the
required for certification. interior or exterior of the vehicles. No more than one
(1) find may be concealed on a vehicle. (Therefore,
K-9 Team must locate at least three (3) out of the four no find will be concealed in or on two (2) of the four
(4) finds to certify. This results in a success of (4) vehicles).
seventy-five (75) percent minimum score for
certification. Due to the numerous makes and models of vehicles
available to departments, the decision upon what types
Canine's alert must be obvious to the Certifying of vehicles to be used is the Certifying Officials'
Officials. discretion.
Certifying Officials may terminate certification at their Finds:
discretion. All finds shall consist of Controlled Substances
classified by law. Two (2) of the finds shall be soft
Non-scented objects may be used to mark finds. drugs (marijuana) and two finds shall be hard drugs
(cocaine or crack cocaine). For teams not trained in
Protest: The handler shall immediately notify the Marijuana. The two Marijuana hides will be replaced
Certifying Officials within 30 minutes of any protest. with two cocaine hides and the score sheet will be
The protest shall be in writing. If either Official feels changed accordingly.
the test was effected by the situation that caused the
protest, this portion of the test should be re-run. If the Finds shall be concealed in search area at least thirty
test is not re-run, the protest should be forwarded (30) minutes prior to search.
within twenty-four hours to the Standards Committee
Chairman. The Chairman will as quickly as possible Finds shall be concealed by a Certifying Official or
pass this on to two (2) members of the committee who another person directed by an Certifying Official.
will vote on approving or disapproving the protest.
The Chairman will notify the handler as soon as Two (2) finds shall be concealed in the indoor rooms
possible of the results and if needed discuss the retest consisting of one (1) soft drug (marijuana) and one (1)
without additional certification fees. Only in cases hard drug (cocaine or crack cocaine). Two (2) finds
where the certification failed due to this protested shall be concealed in/or on the vehicles consisting of
event, will this process be used. Otherwise it will be one (1) soft drug (marijuana) and one (1) hard drug
decided by the Certifying Officials conducting the test. (cocaine or crack cocaine).
If K-9 Team fails certification, K-9 Team must wait All finds shall not weigh less than eight (8) grams or
for five (5) days prior to attempting to certify. more than twenty-eight (28) grams.
Search: No finds shall be concealed higher than eight (8) feet
Search shall consist of three (3) indoor rooms and four from the floor level.
(4) vehicles with a total of four (4) finds.
Time on searches is ten (10) minutes for indoor All finds shall be concealed from view in a manner
searches and eight (8) minutes for vehicle searches. that the canine cannot retrieve said finds.
A one (1) minute warning at the request of the handler
prior to the end of the search may be given. Time All search areas must be contaminated and finds
begins when the handler begins search and time ends proofed by a canine prior to search, if available.
when the handler calls time or upon expiration of time. Additional Substances:
Handler may call finds by calling time or after the
expiration of the time. The K-9 Team must complete certification prior to
Indoor Search: Shall consist of three (3) indoor testing on additional substances.
rooms and two (2) finds. Search area shall consist of one (1) room with one (1)
Each room shall be at least 380 sq. ft., but no more find in said room.
than 600 sq. ft. (Exceptions may be made according
to the Certifying Officials). Time for additional substances search shall not exceed
No more than one (1) find will be concealed in a five (5) minutes per room.
room. (Therefore, no find will be concealed in one (1)
of the three (3) rooms).

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