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  • New York University School of Law – 2017-2018

New York University School of Law – 2017-2018

New York University School of Law
40 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.998.6060 ? Fax: 212.995.4527 ? Email:
New York University School of Law was established in Application deadline: 11/15 (Early); 2/1* (Regular)
1835, just five years after the University of the City of Application fee: $75 (electronic); $100 (paper)
New-York (as NYU was then known) opened its doors, Financial aid deadline: 4/1
and was the first of the university's professional schools.
It was accredited by the ABA in 1930. Type of school: Private
Located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New
Tuition and fees: $47,431 (2010 - 2011)
York City, NYU Law has arguably the best location out of Admissions: Rolling (regular notification by late April)
all of NYC's top law schools. Not surprisingly, the cost of Acceptance percentage: 23% (2009)
attendance is pretty steep, coming in at almost $70,000 Incoming class size: 450 (2009)
a year. Early Action/Early Decision available: Yes, binding
The school is quite large with an enrollment of Part-time program available: No
approximately 1,400 students. This sizable student
body has included some big names over the years, such GPA AND STANDARDIZED TESTS
as Rudy Guiliani (former Mayor of New York City and
former Republican U.S. presidential candidate), Paul LSAT 25th - 75th percentile range: 169 - 173
Tagliabue (former NFL Commissioner), and Louis Freeh
(former Director of the FBI). GPA 25th - 75th percentile range: 3.57 - 3.86
NYU Law is consistently recognized as one of the TOEFL not required.
premier law schools in New York City and the northeast.
Although most grads find jobs in-state, it also has an APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS
exceptional reputation in the Mid-Atlantic and South
Atlantic regions of the country, and graduates can Letters of recommendation: 1 required
expect employment opportunities nationwide. Required essays: Personal statement
The school is known for its public interest focus, and Optional essays: Scholarship essay(s) (if applicable)
has an impressive 30 clinics. It also has a wide array of Dean's Certification: None required
academic and extracurricular activities: 16 study abroad Additional documentation: R?sum? (optional), Evaluations
programs in 14 countries, 10 joint-degree options, 9 *To be considered for any of NYU Law's Scholarship and/or Academic
journals, and 66 student organizations. Scholars programs, you must submit a complete application by 1/1.
New York University School of Law 1
NYU Law: The PowerScore Perspective
Solid diversity beautiful architecture, and history) without the typical
The students talk about it, and the numbers back it up: hassles of city life (crowds and traffic jams).
NYU Law is a diverse place. There are students from every
conceivable background and upbringing; the student body "If you get in, go"
is a genuine reflection of the melting pot that is New York That seems to be the general consensus from every
City. This certainly helps make NYU Law an interesting student with whom we spoke. NYU appears to be a school
institution, adding to the conversations happening both in where students are genuinely happy they said yes to their
and out of the classroom. Students not only learn from acceptance offer. The instructors are reportedly fabulous,
their professors--they learn from their classmates, too. and the academic offerings can't be beat. Students love
the relaxed, artsy Village location, and they love (for the
99th percentile, anyone? most part) their classmates. "The [school's] rankings are
NYU Law's LSAT median is a 171, and the 75th percentile great, and the school really sets you up to get a great job
is a staggering 173. These are some of the highest LSAT after you're done," says a recent grad.
requirements in the country, and when it comes to NYC
schools, only Columbia's numbers are higher. Suffice it to A strong public interest focus
say that NYU Law settles for nothing less than the best From its numerous clinical programs with a public interest
of the best academically. And academic achievements theme, to its Public Interest Law Center, and on to its public
are only one piece of the puzzle: NYU Law is also after interest scholarships and post-graduate fellowships, there
students who are engaged, is no doubt that NYU is devoted to
engaging, involved, and determined. helping its students develop and
The school's list of notable alumni is Situated on tree-laden fund their passion for public interest
proof positive that this is a place for Washington Square projects. If this is a passion of yours,
only the highest caliber of students. NYU deserves serious consideration.
in Greenwich Village,
40 librarians?! the school provides A very generous LRAP
No one beats NYU Law when it comes everything that is program
to the size of their library staff (even The school has, as we mentioned,
schools with much larger student great about New York a determined commitment to
bodies!). Although it may not seem City (people-watching, public interest and public service,
all that important, it does say quite
a bit about the school's priorities: easy access to public and one of the ways it shows that
Making knowledge accessible, transportation, beautiful
commitment is through its Loan
Repayment Assistance Program
providing students with guidance architecture, and history) (which helps students by subsidizing
in their studies, and ensuring that all or part of their educational loan
resources are available whenever without any of the hassles payments for up to 10 years after
they are needed. (crowds and traffic jams). graduation). This generous financial
assistance makes it easy for grads
NYU really takes advantage interested in pursuing jobs in the
of NYC public sector to do so without having to worry about
One of the things NYU Law does best is use its urban where the money will come from to pay back their school
location to its full advantage. One of the most apparent loans.
ways in which this occurs is in the practical opportunities
that the school provides its students: NYU has numerous And even more generous grants
clinical programs which take place all over the city, and The median grant amount the school gives its students is
connect students with many NYC legal organizations (in $20,000. That's one of the highest amounts on this list,
particular the Civil Division of the United States Attorney and nearly 50% of the yearly tuition and fees.
for the Eastern District of New York and Civil Division of
the United States Attorney for the Southern District of A high admissions percentage
New York). In 2009, NYU Law accepted 23% of applicants. Even though
the credentials of the admitted students are still very, very
Best NYC location, bar none strong, this means that qualified candidates aren't turned
Of all the New York City law schools on this list, NYU away at the rate that they are at other similarly-ranked
definitely has the most desirable location. Situated on tree- institutions.
laden Washington Square in Greenwich Village, the school
provides everything that is great about New York City
(people-watching, easy access to public transportation,
2 The PowerScore Guide to the Top U.S. Law Schools
NYU Law: The Numbers
Full-time: 23% (1,644 of 7,272 admitted) On-campus Career Services Office? Yes
Part-time: N/A Number of full-time career services staffers? 16
Career services specializations: Public interest, law firm,
GPA AND LSAT SCORES government, judicial clerkships
GPA - 75th percentile: 3.86 On-Campus Interview (OCI) program? Yes
GPA - Median: 3.72 Number of firms at OCI? 395 (2009)
GPA - 25th percentile: 3.57
LSAT - 75th percentile: 173
LSAT - Median: 171 *All statistics are 9 months after graduation
LSAT - 25th percentile: 169
Employment status known: 484, 100.0% of class
ENROLLMENT AND ETHNICITY Employment status unknown: 0, 0.0% of class
Employed: 458, 94.6% of class
African-American: 32 (M); 56 (F); 6.2% of student body Pursuing graduate degrees: 18, 3.7% of class
American Indian: 3 (M); 0 (F); 0.2% of student body Unemployed: 4, 0.8% of class
Asian-American: 83 (M); 67 (F); 10.5% of student body
Caucasian: 404 (M); 282 (F); 48.1% of student body TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT
Hispanic: 33(M); 30 (F); 4.4% of student body
Mexican-American: 8 (M); 8 (F); 1.1% of student body Academia: 4, 0.9% of class
Puerto Rican: 2 (M); 10 (F); 0.8% of student body Business and Industry: 10, 2.2% of class
International: 22 (M); 22 (F); 3.1% of student body Government: 10, 2.2% of class
Non-Reported: 212 (M); 153 (F); 25.6% of student body Judicial Clerkship: 48, 10.5% of class
Law Firms: 344, 75.1% of class
TRANSFERS (FIRST-YEAR) AND ATTRITION Public Interest: 42, 9.2% of class
Transfers out: 3
The 2009 NYU Law graduating class found employment in
1L attrition: 3 (0 Academic, 3 Other) the mid-Atlantic (66%), south Atlantic (14%), Pacific (9%),
2L attrition: 7 (0 Academic, 7 Other) New England (3%), South Central (3%), North Central (2%),
3L attrition: None and Mountain (1%) areas of the U.S.
FINANCIAL AID Students employed in-state: 68.8%
Students employed in foreign countries: 2.8%
Merit aid available? Yes Number of states where students are employed: 28
Grants and scholarships available? Yes
Students receiving grants: 495, 34.8% of student body As per the NYU Law Office of Career Services, more than
Median grant amount: $20,000.00 130 NYU Law graduates work as judicial clerks each year.
LRAP program available? Yes
Students rave about the school's "generous loan repayment
program [LRAP]," which allows them to "choose work they NYU Law has alumni all over the world, and the school
love without having to worry about compensation," or works hard to keep them all connected and informed
immediately paying off academic debts. through reunions, databases, and alumni groups. Perhaps
even more impressive is the focus the school places on
LIBRARY RESOURCES providing alumni access to the Office of Career Services.
Wireless network availability? Yes BAR PASSAGE RATES
Number of wired connections available: 775
Hours per week the library is open: 101 First-time takers: 461 (84.60% reporting)
Study seating capacity inside the library: 850 Average school pass rate: 97.18%
Number of full-time professional librarians: 40 Average state pass rate: 88.98%
Average pass rate difference: 8.20%
New York University School of Law 3
NYU Law: The School
"The school absolutely lived up to my expectations," says ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITIES
alum Jeffrey Gardner `94. "The faculty and programs
were outstanding, and I had many excellent professors." CLINICS: NYU Law's semester-long clinics include : Administrative
Alexis H. `08 adds: "Law school is an incredibly demanding and Regulatory State Clinic, Business Law Transactions Clinic,
experience, but NYU enables you to get through it, retain Children's Rights Clinic, Comparative Criminal Justice Clinic,
your sanity, and actually enjoy parts of it." Criminal Appellate Defender Clinic, Environmental Law Clinic,
Equal Justice and Capital Defender Clinic, Global Justice Clinic,
Government Civil Litigation Clinic, Government Civil Litigation
Incoming class size: 450 (2009) Clinic, Immigrant Defense Clinic, International Environmental Law
Typical first-year section size: ~89 Clinic, LGBT Rights Clinic, Mediation Clinic, Mediation Clinic, New
York Civil Liberties Clinic, Prosecution Clinic, Prosecution Clinic,
CURRICULUM Racial Justice Clinic, and Tax Clinic. Year-long clinics include:
Brennan Center Public Policy Advocacy Clinic; Civil Rights Clinic;
NYU students have required courses in the fall and spring Criminal and Community Defense Clinic; Employment and
of their first year. In the fall, they must take Contracts, Housing Discrimination Clinic; Family Defense Clinic; Federal
Procedure, and Torts. In the spring, they must take The Defender Clinic; Immigrant Rights Clinic; International Human
Administrative and Regulatory State, and Criminal Law.
Rights Clinic; Juvenile Defender Clinic; Law, Organizing and Social
Change Clinic; and Offender Reentry Clinic.
A required 1L year-long course, Lawyering (NYU Law's STUDY ABROAD: NYU Law currently has 16 exchange programs
version of other schools' Legal Research and Writing), with institutions in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Japan,
has students engage in a series of drafting exercises Singapore, England, China, The Netherlands, South Africa,
designed to develop essential skills in legal research and Denmark, Argentina, France, and Australia.
writing during the fall semester, and then moves on to the
basics of legal interviewing, counseling, case analysis and JOINT DEGREE: The school currently offers a JD/LLM in
problem handling, negotiation, informal advocacy, and International Law or Taxation; a JD/MA or PhD in Economics,
trial advocacy in the spring.
French, History, Philosophy, or Politics; a JD/MA or PhD in Law
& Society; JD/MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies; a JD/
MBA, JD/MPA or JD/MUP; and a JD/MSW.
During their second semester, 1L students can choose from
a number of electives: Constitutional Law, Corporations, JOURNALS AND PUBLICATIONS
Income Taxation, International Law, or Property.
NYU Law's student journals and publications include
2L and 3L curriculums are entirely elective, and students the Annual Survey of American Law, Environmental Law
can choose from all NYU Law classes. Journal, Journal of International Law & Politics, Journal
of Law & Business, Journal of Law & Liberty, Journal
FACULTY of Legislation & Public Policy, Law Review, Moot Court
Board, and Review of Law & Social Change. The school
Student-to-faculty ratio: 9.4 : 1 also puts out The Docket (a weekly newsletter), and The
Commentator (the student newspaper).
NYU Law's prominent faculty includes:
Jerome A. Cohen, a Chinese law expert.
Theodor Meron, a human rights and international law NYU Law has a Moot Court Board ("a student-run, honorary
expert, and President of the UN War Crimes Tribunal at organization that combines legal scholarship with oral
the Hague (2003-2005). advocacy"), which participates in national competitions.
Richard Pildes, a leading scholar of public law and a It also puts out The NYU Moot Court Casebook, which
specialist in legal issues affecting democracy. is "the most widely recognized and utilized set of moot
Burt Neuborne, the former National Legal Director of the court problems in the nation." It also has a Trial Advocacy
ACLU and civil liberties expert. Society, which also participates in national competitions.
NYU Law has prominent alumni in a number of fields, including entertainment, finance and industry, higher education,
law, public service, real estate, and professional athletics. Among them are Paul Tagliabue `65, former National
Football League Commissioner; Rudolph Giuliani `68 and Edward I. Koch `48, both former Mayors of New York City;
Jonathan Dolgen `69, Former Chairman, Paramount Pictures; Laurie Ferber `80, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs;
Richard Ketchum `75, CEO of NYSE Regulation; Richard M. Joel `75, President of Yeshiva University; Robert Abrams
`63, former New York State Attorney General; Lamar Alexander `65, U.S. Senator from Tennessee; Carol Bellamy `68,
former Executive Director, UNICEF; and Louis J. Freeh `84, former Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation.
4 The PowerScore Guide to the Top U.S. Law Schools
NYU Law: The Students
"I look back on law school with fondness," says an `08
grad. For many students, attending law school at NYU ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS
is a pleasant surprise: "I knew it would be a mentally NYU Law currently has 64 student organizations. The
exhausting experience...I didn't expect to form such close Student Bar Association (SBA), acts as the liaison between
relationships with my classmates. It was very rewarding." the students, faculty, and administration.
The student body is "more collegial than anything. No one ?African Law Association ?Law Students for Human Rights
is trying to sabotage anyone academically, instead students
?American Civil Liberties Union ?Law Women
?American Constitution Society ?Mediation Organization
are supportive of each other in every measurable way ?Asia Law Society ?Mental Health Law Association
(study groups, sharing notes, etc)." "We all feel like we are ?Asian-Pacific American Law ?Middle Eastern Law Students
Students Association Association
on the same boat, so it doesn't feel overly competitive." ?Black Allied Law Students ?National Lawyers Guild
Association ?Older Wiser Law Students
The school has a "very diverse student body." And this ?Canadian Content ?Open Meditation and Yoga
diverse student body loves the city it works and plays in. ?Christian Legal Fellowship Association (OM)
"NYU, being the heart of Greenwich Village, is basically the ?Class of 2010 Graduation Gift ?OUTLaw
best setting I can imagine for a law student. The outside
?Coalition for Legal Recruiting ?Law Students for Economic
?The Commentator Justice
world is right there in front of you at all times," says Jeff ?Cuba Legal Studies Group ?Prisoners' Rights & Education
Gardner `94. ?Domestic Violence Advocacy Project
Students love their legal alma mater. "There are many
Project ?Project on Negotiation & Dispute
?Education Law and Policy Society Resolution
?Environmental Law Society ?Public Interest Law Foundation
areas of NYU Law that are first-rate, the location is ?Federalist Society ?Public Service Auction
amazing, the career counseling people are excellent to ?Health Law Society ?Real Estate & Urban Policy Forum
talk to. There is nothing negative about it, in my view," ?High School Law Institute ?Research, Education & Advocacy
says another recent graduate.
?HIV Law Society to Combat Homelessness
?Intellectual Property & ?Small Business Law Connection
Entertainment Law Society ?South Asian Law Students
If you want to do public service, students say there's no ?International Law Society Association
better place. "NYU has excellent [public interest] resources ?Islamic Law Students Association ?Southern Exposure
--clinics, faculty, term-time internship opportunities, and
?JD/MBA Association ?Student Animal Legal Defense
?Jewish Law Students Association Fund
funding--for students. NYU also has a great reputation ?J. Reuben Clark Law Society ?Student Bar Association
in the legal profession for graduating public interest ?Latino Law Students Association ?Student Lawyer Athletic Program
practitioners," says Alexis H. `08. ?Law & Business Association ?Substantial Performance
?Law & Social Entrepreneurship ?Suspension Representation
Association Project
The very active student organizations are a huge plus, ?Law Democrats ?Texas Club
and keep the students engaged within the four walls of ?Law Republicans ?Trial Advocacy Society
the school. Combine that with arguably the most dynamic ?Law Revue ?Unemployment Action Center
metropolis in the world right at your doorstep and students
?Law Student Drug Policy Forum ?West Coast Connection
?Law Students Against the Death ?Women of Color Collective
are in for an extremely rewarding law school experience. Penalty (WOCC)
?Law Students for Reproductive ?Youth and Criminal Justice Society
The NYU Law incoming class of 2013 The class is 43% female and 57% The entire NYU Law student body
consisted of 476 students. male. consists of 1427 students.
The 25th and 75th percentile LSAT 31% of the class was made up of They represent over 250 colleges and
scores for the incoming class were a students of color. undergraduate institutions.
169 to 175.
28% of students enrolled directly They hail from 49 U.S. states.
The 25th and 75th percentile GPAs after college; 62% were out of college
for the incoming class were a 3.6 to one to four years, and 10% were out 44% of the class is female; 56% is
3.9. of college five or more years. male. 23% are students of color.
The students of the class of 2013 9% of the students in the class of 11% hold advanced or professional
represented 142 colleges. 2013 hold advanced or professional degrees.
They hailed from 42 U.S. states. 3% are citizens of foreign countries.
New York University School of Law 5
School Name: The City
For many NYU Law students, the best part about attending There are few places in the world with a public
school is the city they get to live in. "NYU is a dynamic transportation system that is as well-developed as New
law school located in a city that has everything," says one York City's. The city's subway system runs almost 24 hours
`08 grad, and that seems to be the prevalent opinion. a day, and Grand Central Terminal, also known as Grand
The school's Greenwich Village location at the edge of Central Station, is one of the biggest railway stations in
Washington Square Park definitely gives it an edge over the world. Although students may find the transportation
other NYC law schools. system a little intimidating and confusing at first, most
quickly adapt to the fast-paced subway, taxi, and pedestrian
life, and can get from one place to another within the
LIVING EXPENSES city with ease. Students suggest becoming familiar with
the public transportation systems, and leaving the car at
Where the school doesn't have an edge over other area home.
institutions, however, is in the cost of living. As with other Getting in and out of the city via air is easy: The city is
NYC law schools, the expense of having a student pad in serviced by the John F. Kennedy International Airport,
the city is incredibly high. The NYU Law school-provided Newark Liberty International Airport, and LaGuardia
yearly budget comes in at over $22,000, and that doesn't International Airport.
include any travel or miscellaneous expenses.
Estimated academic year living expenses* AREA ATTRACTIONS & ENTERTAINMENT
Room/Board $19,839.00 While it's no surprise that the city of New York has
Books/Supplies $1,350.00 countless attractions and opportunities for cultural and
Health Insurance - NYU Basic Plan $1,360.00 popular entertainment, the smaller area of Greenwich
TOTAL $22,549.00 Village certainly has its share of artistic, offbeat, Bohemian
* Values provided by NYU Law pastimes and hangouts, as well.
HOUSING The many small shops on Bleecker Street (like Bleecker
Street Records or the now-closed Oscar Wilde Memorial
NYU Law has two high-rise apartment-style residence halls Bookshop) add character to the area, and the Rock & Roll
and two low-rise buildings available for students looking Hall of Fame Annex taps into the neighborhood's musical
to live on campus. For students who choose not to live on roots.
campus, the housing options are endless: Many students, Washington Square Park (just a few steps from NYU itself)
however, choose to live in nearby studio apartments, or in is a great place to sit, bask in the sun, and people-watch,
the New York City borough of Brooklyn. and the legendary Cafe Wha? (stomping ground for
On-campus housing available? Y - 810 units performers like Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, Kool
Average apartment rental cost (1 BR/1 BA) $1,600/mo and the Gang, and Richard Pryor) is just around the corner.
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the 2006 population of "Too many to list!" says one student of the must-dos in
New York City to be 8,214,426 people, with 57.3% of the New York City. Specifics are impossible in a city where
population between 18 and 65 years of age. 27.4% of the everything is available.
population has a bachelor's degree or higher. Students recommend checking out the eateries on
Population density in the New York City area (as per the Greenwich Village's "Indian Restaurant Row," grabbing a
2000 census) is 26,403 persons per square mile. beer at the Telephone Bar, and taking in a jazz performance
at the Blue Note. They also rave about the vintage shopping
The 2000 census puts the ethnic makeup of the city as opportunities at the many shops in the Village.
44.7% white, 27.0% of Hispanic or Latino origin, 26.6% If you venture outside of the school's stomping grounds
African American, 0.5% American Indian or Alaskan native, (you can more or less ride the subway at all hours), don't
9.8% Asian, 0.1% native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and forget to be a "tourist in NYC" and check out landmarks
4.9% from two or more races. like the Empire State Building and Times Square.
6 The PowerScore Guide to the Top U.S. Law Schools

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