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An Introduction to Skype for Business
Skype for Business is a communication tool that allows users to collaborate in real-time via text
chat, audio/video chat, and desktop sharing. Skype for Business talks with Exchange 2013 and
Unified Messaging and allows users to see when others are available to collaborate.
Skype for Business is available to faculty and staff and can be downloaded for free from the UIS
WebStore (), and is searchable under "Lync".
The Skype for Business Interface
Enter a status, or update
your availability and location Click the
wheel for
more options
Type a name in the toolbar to search for
a display an individual contact or group
Send emails, instant
messages, or directly call your
Roll your cursor over a contact to
display contact options
Information Technology Services, UIS 1
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At the top, there are various options that are related to your phone and voicemail.
here to
1. To chat with a user, roll your mouse over their name, and double click or right click, and
choose to send an instant message.
2. Enter your message in the blank box, and enter to send the message. In the text box,
click the paperclip to attach a file, the exclamation to mark as high priority, the smiley
face to add emoticons and the arrow to send the message.
Information Technology Services, UIS 2
[Not for Circulation]
3. If a message is sent to you and missed, an email will be sent to your account with the
missed conversation.
Using Video
To use the video feature, it is necessary to have a webcam. If you do not have a webcam, they
are available for checkout in the Media Lab in Brookens 180. To include video in your meeting,
1. To use the video feature, choose the video icon.
Information Technology Services, UIS 3
[Not for Circulation]
2. Students also have the option to add video. Whoever is actively speaking will show up
in the large video window.
Share Applications
A feature of Skype for Business is the ability to share different information with other users.
When chatting with an individual or group of people, users can share attachments, desktops,
other programs, PowerPoint presentations, a whiteboard, or even polls to their collaborators.
To share,
1. Choose monitor icon, and choose from the options along the top what you would like to
share with other collaborators.
Information Technology Services, UIS 4
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Share presenting items,
OneNote or Attachments
To share a monitor screen,
1. Choose the monitor, and select the Present Desktop.
Information Technology Services, UIS 5
[Not for Circulation]
2. Your entire desktop will then be shared. To stop sharing your screen, click Stop
Presenting in the upper right corner.
To share a PowerPoint Presentation,
1. Click the Monitor icon, and choose Present PowerPoint Files. Browse through your
files to locate the presentation and click Open.
2. The presentation will now appear on the stage for other users to view as well. Use the
tools at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the presentation. At the top right
corner, select the edit icon to make edits and annotations to the presentation.
Information Technology Services, UIS 6

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