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  • PDF Charles D. Cartwright - Ohio State University

PDF Charles D. Cartwright - Ohio State University

Charles D. Cartwright
1226 Carolyn Ave Columbus, Ohio 43224 (614)338-5412 cartwright.45@osu.edu
Graduate School
Continuing Education current
Masters of Landscape Architecture 2006
Masters of City and Regional Planning 2006
The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Studies
Bachelors of Agriculture:
Agricultural Construction Systems Management 2003
The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Knowlton School of Architecture
Bachelors of Science in Architecture 2002
The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
Teaching Experience
The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH Visiting Assistant Professor
Landscape architecture
Individually Lead Courses
361 - Computer Graphics in Landscape Architecture
Sophomore class that teaches the basics of a variety of software packages ranging
from the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Acrobat) to Autodesk
products (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Maya)
Times Taught - 3 Average # of Students - 29 Total - 88
624/625 - Construction Materials & Structures
This is a joint Graduate and Undergraduate course being offered as a transition from
quarters to semesters creating one course out of the preexisting Larch 624 & 625
courses winter 2010.
Times Taught - 1(next quarter) Average # of Students - xx Total -xx
625 - Structures in the Landscape
Senior & graduate course discussing built structures in the landscape. Retaining walls,
dams, mechanical properties of materials, non-inhabitable structures are discussed
and designed to understand their tolerances and possible failures within the
construction process.
Times Taught - 3 Average # of Students - 26 Total - 78
662 - Terrain Analysis and GIS
This course discusses the use of terrain analysis, remote sensing, and Geographic
Information Systems in relation to the field of landscape architecture.
Times Taught - 2 Average # of Students - 35 Total - 71
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09
665 - Digital & Manual Fabrication
The study and application of digital and manual fabrication technique as applied to
landscape architecture. Design and creation of a built project using digital processes
to refine the product and then build a full scale object was required. Digital
equipment: Fuse Deposition Machine, CNC router table, Laser Cutter
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - 8 Total - 8
693 - Independent study Topics
The independent studies are set up to allow students to further their studies in
previously learned subject or subjects that are not currently taught within the
curricula. Some topics I have over seen include; Green Roof Technologies, Portfolio
Design, GIS analysis, and advanced presentation computer graphics.
Times Taught - N/A Average # of Students - N/A Total - 13
694/794 - Computer Graphics: Presentation Graphics
Graduate studies course that teaches the basics of computer graphics and design in
aid to create presentation material for print and digital media through the use of the
Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign). Topics covered include color theory,
perception, and layout principles.
Times Taught - 2 Average # of Students - 7 Total - 14
694/665 - Computer Graphics: Vector Graphics and 3D modeling
Graduate level group studies course that discussed and taught information related to
vector design programs in relationship to output and 3D modeling. General topics
covered: CAD, BIM, Virtual Reality, & Augmented Reality
Times Taught - 6 Average # of Students - 14 Total - 87
794 - Computer Graphics: Presentation Graphics
An accelerated Graduate studies course that taught the basics of AutoCAD and GIS for
design and analysis.
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - x Total - 5
Jointly Instructed courses
254 - Sophomore Design Studio: Human Behavior and Psychology in Design
Sophomore design studio that introduces behavioral psychology and its importance in
user-oriented design within landscape architecture. Topics included: ADA, child and
elderly oriented design, human proportioning, Integration of use cases into design.
Instructed with Dr. Norman Booth
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - 32 Total - 32
356 - Junior Design Studio: Corporate Complex Design
Junior design studio focusing on corporate design emphasizing sustainability and
investigations into corporate culture in relationship to design.
Instructed with Karla Trott
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - 26 Total - 26
457 - Senior Design Studio: Urban Design
Senior studio for large scale design, emphasizing analysis and design of urban
environments, economics, programming, and ecology with multiple levels of
sustainability being the result.
Instructed with Dr. Jesus Lara
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - 26 Total - 26
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09
624 - Construction Materials
Graduate and senior course discussing various types of construction materials
available to landscape architects.
Instructed with Jason Kentner
Times Taught - 1 Average # of Students - 26 Total - 26
658 - Senior Design Studio: Design & Construction
Senior and graduate class instructing in techniques of bringing a project through
schematic design, design development, and construction documentation with an
emphasis on materiality and implementation. Both DD & CD documentation sets are
completed during this course.
Instructed with Deborah Georg, Karla Trott, Tim Baird (visiting)
Times Taught - 2 Average # of Students - 29 Total - 58
City & Regional Planning
Individually Lead Courses
702 - Computer Graphics for Planners
Graduate course that teaches the basics of computer graphics and design in order to
create presentation material for print and digital media for planners through the use
of the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign). Topics covered include color
theory, perception, and layout principles.
Times Taught - 5 Average # of Students - 18 Total - 90
793 - Independent study Topics
The independent studies are set up to allow students to further their studies in
previously learned subject or subjects that are not currently taught within the
curricula. The topic of this independent study was influences of open space within
the economics of historical districts.
Times Taught - N/A Average # of Students - N/A Total - 2
794 - Advanced Computer Based Analysis and Visualization
The use of advanced techniques in GIS for analysis and planning design. It is designed to
culminate the GIS skills learned in CRP 607 & 608 to develop critical thinking and an analysis
process to help inform policy and design. This aids in communicating that information to
interested parties. Currently being processed for a permanent number - 609.
Times Taught - 2 Average # of Students - 10 Total - 20
Total classes - 31 Total Students Taught - 407
Loxias IT Solutions - Cincinnati, OH Contract Trainer
Loxias IT Solutions is a company that provides programming, networking, and computer training
statewide at client sites. Programs that I have instructed include; Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe
Photoshop. The company trains both private and public entities with class sizes ranging from 1 to 22.
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09
Publications and Presentations
"Public Perception of Productive Land Uses" 2005
Presentation at EDRA Conference 2006; Published in M.K. Chapin (Ed.).
edra37: Beyond Conflict, pg. 65-78, 2006.
Charles Cartwright, Lisa Cutshaw, & Tristan McMannis
Public Perception of Productive Land Use is a paper a presentation created to help
define the public's understanding of productive landscapes such as mines, factories,
and other industrial settings. A survey was created to ascertain the datum in which
respondents' preferred different landscape. Using that data, 4 different types of
industries were chosen and manipulated to gauge preference to a variety of those
landscapes. The intent was to develop a design strategy in which industry could
integrate into the urban setting without degrading the remaining natural elements
in that locatio0.n
"China 2025: Urban Scenarios and Implications" 2004
Presentation for East/West Center, Earth Satellite Corp., SWA, and the CIA
Course for L. Arch. 752 by Professor Doug Way
Jason Brabbs, Joan Byars, Charles Cartwright, Lin Goepfert, Wenting Li, Jennifer
Lietz, Jill McKain, Tristan McMannis, Devayani Puranik, Cheryl Somerfelt,
Jennifer Vanni, Julie Wallingford, & Hanhan Yan
A presentation on the analysis of China: its global implications concerning
environmental issues, alternative energies, transportation, and natural hazards.
The analysis forecasted areas of potential conflict between urbanization and
current natural conditions to the year 2050.
Responding to Open Space in the Urban Fabric: 2008-current
As environmental issues drive the design of urban space through sustainability, open space
comes to the forefront of discussion. To fully understand opens space's effects in the urban
fabric, a holistic holistic understanding needs to be generated. How do we define open space
and its owners versus people that claim ownership? Does open space act as a active
influence on economy rather then a passive amenity?
Immersive Experiential Design: 2007-current
Creating the world to understand it
This research is a study in how users interface with technology in the design
process and how it will help develop the next generation of software to aid design
in effectively presenting the client with a more realistic easily understandable
representation. Between BIM, 3D modeling, virtual environments, gaming, and
GIS there is a strong need for output that a client or the public can understand, by
creating augmented or virtual realities in which the user can be immersed and
interact with.
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09
Symbiosis of Landscape with the Built Environment: 2006-2009
Hybridization of uses to contain both fabricated and natural elements
Environmentally conscientious design is increasing by the minute, trying to rebuke
the decade of war between Mother Nature and humanity. How does landscape
architecture, the intermediary profession, aid in achieving equilibrium of
inhabitation by creating a symbiotic experience, not a parasitic one in the built
environment. The following topics are combinations and alternative towards this
? Sustainable Technologies and Materials
? Green Roof design/Earth-Sheltered/In-ground Structures
? Energy Saving through manipulated microclimates
? Interior Landscaping
? Lighting
? Acoustics
Perception and Visual Inventory of urban 2005-2006
& industrial landscapes
The initialization of this project was based on a graduate design studio in which
integration between productive landscapes and more nature-oriented landscapes
and their interaction was under investigation. To understand the willingness of
the public to interact with different types of latent or active productive land uses,
it was necessary to study the public perception. The focus of this research is to
explain that perception and how it might be changed by modifying the visual
characteristics of the landscape in order to inform, beautify, and/or engage users
on new levels.
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09
Professional Experience
The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH 1/2007-current
Visiting Assistant Professor
Responsible for instruction and course content creation
Loxias IT Solutions - Cincinnati, OH 2007
Contract Trainer
Responsible for computer applications instruction at client sites statewide
The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH 2002-2006
Graduate IT Administrative Assistant
Support for Computer Hardware, Software, & Networking
Teach best use practices for select software, file management,
and other technology issues.
Stacey & Asebrook Limited - Columbus, OH 2001-2002
Draftsman & Fieldworker
Measured and redrew plan for a facilities management project
Liaison between the firm and select Franklin County departments
Engineered Synergy - Lewis Center, OH 2000
Senior Drafter
Organization of projects and drafting for a software company
Heart of Ohio Council - Camp Wyandot/Firelands Scout Reservation 1994 - 2000
Assistant Camp Ranger
General Camp Maintenance
Forestry, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, carpentry, & vehicle maintenance
Assisted in the building of 12 cabins
Public relations during events
Camp Counselor
Trained youth ranging in age from 8 to 18 in the following areas
Scoutcraft: outdoor survival skills, camping, cooking, orienteering etc...
Nature: wildlife identification, environmental science, & conservation
Handicraft: woodworking, metal working, leather work
Trading Post Operator
Cashier, Stocker, & purchaser for a small commissary
Dining Hall Steward
Logistics and setup for daily meals at a remote dining location from the main kitchen
*all positions were at the will of the director, who required participation in entertainment,
emergency situations & readiness, as well as other duties not listed here.
CV - Charles Cartwright 15-Oct-09

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