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PDF Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Hindol Datta
MMoodduullee II
Non-financial manager's concern with finance
Scope and Role of Finance
Importance of Finance
Responsibilities of Financial Managers
Distinguish between Accounting And Finance
Characterize and Identify the Financial and Operational
CCoommpplliiaannccee vvss. OOppeerraattiioonnss
NNoonn-ffiinnaanncciiaall MMaannaaggeerr''ss CCoonncceerrnnss
What to look out for and keep in mind!
Planning, Problem-Solving and Decision Making
What do businesses look for?
Know what the numbers mean in compliance and operational
HHow ddo you PPllan wiitthh ffiinanciiall ttoollsett??
Appropriate Data Points and Backups as necessary
SSttrraatteeggiicc PPrrooppoossaallss: HHooww ffiinnaannccee ppllaayyss aa rroollee
Capital Investment: How finance plays a role
SSccooppee aanndd RRoollee ooff FFiinnaannccee
Finance uses accounting information
Financial accounting vs. Managerial Accounting
Fund management and performance monitoring
LLooookk aatt ccuurrrreenntt pprroobblleemmss aanndd mmaannaaggee pprroossppeeccttiivvee iissssuueess
Fundamental is the return-risk or reward-risk tradeoff
Who would benefit?
Marketing and Sales
IInternall OOperatiions
Human Resources
Investment Analyysts
WWhhaatt ddoo FFiinnaanncciiaall MMaannaaggeerrss ddoo??
Financial Analysis and Planning
Investment Decisions
Financing and Capital Structure Decisions
MMaannaaggeerr FFiinnaanncciiaall RReessoouurrcceess
Financial Managgers attemppt to maximize shareholder wealth
Present and future earnings (EPS)
Timing and risk of earnings assessment
Dividend policy
Manner of financing
Relationship between Accounting and
Accounting is input and sub-function to Finance
Financial responsibilities carried out by the Controller,
Treasurer, CFO
TThhe responsibbillities are ffairlly ddistinctive ddependding on thhe
size of the organization
MMaannaaggeemmeenntt wwoorrkkss wwiitthh ffiinnaannccee iinn 22 wwaayyss
Record-keeping, tracking and controlling financial data
Obtain and managge funds to supppport managgement objjectives
Ensure that data is standardized for external reviews and

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