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Title: GACE Crosswalk of Program Admission Mathematics to Khan Academy Videos
Subject: GACE Crosswalk of Program Admission Mathematics to Khan Academy Videos
Keywords: GACE Crosswalk of Program Admission Mathematics to Khan Academy Videos
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PDF Wioa State Plan for The State of Georgia Fy-2018

Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators? (GACE?) Program Admission Assessment - Test II
Khan Academy Instructional Support Videos and Exercises
The Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators? (GACE?) program has identified videos and exercises available at
to support test preparation for the Program Admission Assessment - Test II Mathematics. Each subarea included
in the test is mapped to a video or exercise that may help you prepare to answer questions related to that topic.
GACE Program Admission - Test II Mathematics (201) Khan Academy videos
Subarea I: Number and Quantity
? Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Intro to ratios
- Understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning Ratio word problems
to solve problems Intro to rates
Ratio word problem: centimeters to kilometers
Intro to percents
Percent, fraction, decimal conversions
Percent problems
- Analyze proportional relationships and use them to Percent word problems
solve real-world and mathematical problems Identifying proportional relationships
Average rate of change
Average rate of change word problems
Writing & solving proportions
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Writing & solving proportions
? The Real Number System
Fractions intro
Fractions on the number line
Equivalent fractions
Comparing fractions
Common denominators
Decomposing fractions
Adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators
Mixed numbers
Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Adding and subtracting mixed number with unlike denominators
- Apply understanding of multiplication and division Adding and subtracting fractions word problems
to divide fractions by fractions Multiplying whole numbers and fractions
Multiplication as scaling
Multiplying fractions
Multiplying mixed numbers
Multiplying fractions word problems
Fractions as division
Dividing unit fractions and whole numbers
Dividing fractions by fractions
Dividing fractions word problems
Place value
- Compute fluently with multi-digit numbers and find Rounding whole numbers
common factors and multiples Regrouping whole numbers
Divisibility tests
Factors and multiples
Prime numbers
Prime factorization
Least common multiple
Greatest common factor
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Intro to decimals
Decimals on the number line
Rounding decimals
Comparing decimals
Rewriting decimals as fractions
Adding decimals
Subtracting decimal
Adding and subtracting decimals word problems
Multiplying decimals
Dividing decimals
Operations with decimals
Intro to negative numbers
Order negative numbers
Number opposites
Negative numbers
Intro to adding negative numbers
Intro to subtracting negative numbers
Adding & subtracting negative numbers
Multiplying & dividing negative numbers
Absolute value
Decimals, fractions and percentages
Order of operations
- Apply understanding of operations with fractions to Arithmetic properties
add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers Distributive property
Number patterns
- Know that there are numbers that are not rational, Rational and irrational numbers
and approximate them by rational numbers
Square roots
Cube roots
- Work with radicals and integer exponents Exponent properties
Negative exponents
Scientific notation
Orders of magnitude
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Computing with scientific notation
Negative exponents
Exponent properties
Scientific notation intro
Scientific notation word problems
? Quantities
Intro to dimensional analysis
- Reason quantitatively and use units to solve Dimensional analysis for converting
problems Dimensional analysis for proportional reasoning
Word problems with multiple units
Determining precision in descriptive modeling
Subarea II: Algebra and Functions
? See Structure in Expressions
Intro to variables
Introduction to variables
Substitution & evaluating expressions
Substitution & evaluating expressions
Expression value intuition
Constructing numeric expressions
- Apply understanding of arithmetic to algebraic Evaluating expressions word problems
expressions Introduction to sequences
Introduction to arithmetic sequences
Constructing arithmetic sequences
Introduction to geometric sequences
Constructing geometric sequences
Modeling with sequences
Writing algebraic expressions introduction
- Solve real-life and mathematical problems using Writing basic algebraic expressions word problems
numerical and algebraic expressions Writing algebraic expressions
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Combining like terms
Distributive property
Equivalent algebraic expressions
- Use properties of operations to generate equivalent Nested fractions
expressions Adding & subtracting polynomials
Multiplying binomials
Special products of binomials
? Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities
Slope-intercept form intro
Writing slope-intercept equations
- Understand the connections between proportional Interpreting linear functions and equations
relationships, lines, and linear equations Comparing linear functions
Constructing linear models for real-world relationships
Linear models word problems
Graphing proportional relationships
- Understand solving equations as a process of Algebraic equations basics
reasoning and explain the reasoning One-step equations intuition
One-step addition & subtraction equations
One-step multiplication and division equations
- Reason about and solve one-variable equations and One-step equations
inequalities One-step equation word problems
Inequalities: Greater than and less than basics
One-step inequalities
Two-step equations intro
Multi-step equations
Two-step inequalities
- Solve equations and inequalities in one variable Multi-step inequalities
Solutions to two-variable linear equations
Linear equations with unknown coefficients
Compound inequalities
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Coordinate plane
Solutions to two-variable linear equations
x-intercepts and y-intercepts
- Analyze and solve linear equations and pairs of Systems of equations intro
simultaneous linear equations Graphical representation of systems of equations
Elimination method for systems of equations
Substitution method for systems of equations
Solving any system of linear equations
Graphing two-variable inequalities
- Represent and solve equations and inequalities Point-slope form
graphically Standard form
? Functions
Introduction to functions
Evaluating functions
Inputs and outputs of a function
- Interpreting Functions Functions and equations
Interpreting function notation
Introduction to the domain and range of a function
Determining the domain of a function
Recognizing functions
Intervals where a function is positive, negative, increasing, or
- Building Functions decreasing
Interpreting features of graphs
Subarea III: Geometry
? Congruence
- Draw, construct, and describe geometrical figures Lines, line segments, and rays
and describe the relationships between them Measuring segments
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