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Title: Homeless Education Online Lesson Plans
Subject: Helping Teach Children About the Issue of Homelessness
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PDF Teacher Resources: Watershed Lesson Plans and Teaching Tools

Homeless Education
Online Lesson Plans
Helping Teach Children about
the issue of homelessness
As teachers share their Weekly Readers and other student publications in the classroom and children watch both the
nightly news and their community and learn about homelessness, it creates questions that sometimes are difficult to
answer. An easier way to address this issue is including lesson plans focused on math, literature, reading, writing, and
art . Information that will both help the students better understand the history and family issues that are a reflection on
society today are important to their development of their education are available to teachers here.
Children's Book Press--lesson plans for the book--A Shelter in Our Car--other books on topic issues are available with
their own lesson plans from this book publisher for teachers.

Lesson Plans on Homeless Issues from the North Dakota Homeless Coordinator

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless--Classroom Curriculum

Kids Without Homes--Texas Homeless Education Coordinators
This complete toolkit for teaching homeless
education issues in the classroom is downloadable with the covers to create a binder of the awareness materials
and lesson plans, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, for use with any of the five modules for organizations,
lessons for kids grades K--12, and modules for teachers, nurses, nutritionists, school counselors and social
workers, transportation directors, and awareness materials for realtors, owners and managers of economy hotels
and bilingual flyers for custodians.
Kids Without Homes: A School District Responds
The lessons are related to the Texas Homeless Education Program with homeless awareness lessons for school
kids for Grades K--12 developed by Nancy Walker of Austin, Texas. Produced by the Educational Service Center
in Waco, Texas through a grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Page 2 Homeless Education
"Homeless" by Anna Quidlen. A middle school unit developed by Anna.

Homeless in America--Grades 8--12 with interactive lessons that combine field trips, photography, paintings and
Charles Dickens literature. PBS.

Homeless in America--a Mini unit on the historic work of Jane Addams and homelessness in America.

Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli--This story is about a homeless child and several websites are attached to this story
to assist in teaching the concepts of homeless issues.

What's Going On? Poverty in America Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan on Poverty
The lesson plans provide standards and curriculum connections, vocabulary, website resources, four well
developed activities, resources in websites--articles-books-radio-and film.
Learning to Give K- 12 site Day in the Life of a Homeless Person--Grades 3--5

PBS Homeless in America Lesson Plan--elementary level

Hobson's Choice--an interactive website that illustrates the lack of choice when people become homeless

Holes by Louis Sachar--A book about buried treasure, friendship, curses, homelessness, magic, onions, racism and
water that weaves interesting tall tales from local history and Stanley's life into a journey that finds Stanley
with a good friend, treasure and the ability to like himself. Grades 5 -8

Teaching About Hunger, Homelessness, and Poverty
Suggested Activities and Sources of Information for Elementary through College Students and Adults

Erase Homelessness--A Lesson Plan for elementary by Crayola
Can you imagine not having a home? Crayola asks children to draw their ideas about how they would erase
homelessness using arts and crafts.

National Homeless Organization Fact Sheets on Homelessness for K--2 with lessons included to expand the
understanding of this age students.

Homeless Education Lesson Plans Page 3
Crisis- Homelessness--From the UK Exploring homelessness with two lesson plans developed to raise
awareness of homeless issues in the classroom with resource sheets on exploring the home and
homelessness and hidden homelessness. The lyrics to Ralph McTell's "Streets of London" are
Learning to Give--K-2 Hunger and Homelessness Lesson plans for introducing students to the concepts of
hunger and philanthropy with a story about a Chinese boy who chooses to give his few precious dollars
to a homeless man. 2.5 hours including center time.

Leaving Home--Lesson plans to assist young people in getting ready to leave home in Scotland focusing on
? activities that probe what young people think about their statements on homelessness compared to the
Scottish Social Attitudes Survey of 2006;
? a questionnaire that challenges student ideas and discussion on how easy it is to get out of the cycle of
? Students make their own laws on homelessness and learn about the legal definition in Scotland and ideas
on how to prevent and alleviate homelessness
? Household chores questionnaire
? Stay or Go? Pros and cons of leaving home
? Getting Advice--in Scotland so teacher will need to identify the resources in the local community where
students can get advice on housing options
? How Much Will it Cost? Creating the weekly budget compared to researched answers
? Ideal Homes--thinking about what each student's ideal home will be
? Living Together--pros and cons

Iowa Department of Education Homeless Resource Guide--provides links to lesson plans for Grades 1--12
focusing on basic needs, housing, understanding homelessness, affects on society, how the homeless can be
helped and bibliographies for extended reading or research for upper grades 6--12 .

Information on homeless education services in Illinois can be found at the
Illinois State Board of Education Homeless Education website

For assistance with homeless education issues call the
Illinois State Board of Education
Homeless Education Hotline

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