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  • FoRD F-150 REFERENCETo put QR tags to work for you, use ...
  • FoRD F-150. REFERENCE GUIDE - fordservicecontent.com


To put QR tags to work for you, use
This Quick Reference Guide is not intended to replace your vehicle Owner's your mobile phone's browser or app REFERENCE
Manual which contains more detailed information concerning the features of store link to download a QR tag
your vehicle, as well as important safety warnings designed to help reduce the reader. Then follow the directions GUIDE
risk of injury to you and your passengers. Please read your entire Owner's Manual to scan the QR tag and see your
carefully as you begin learning about your new vehicle and refer to the appropriate vehicle's features come to life. +++++ 2015 EXPLORER
chapters when questions arise. All information contained in this Quick Reference
Guide was accurate at the time of duplication. We reserve the right to change
features, operation and/or functionality of any vehicle specification at any time.
Your Ford dealer is the best source for the most current information. For detailed
operating and safety information, please consult your Owner's Manual.
+ + + ford.ca
United States
Ford Customer Relationship Center
1-800-392-3673 (FORD)
(TDD for the hearing impaired: 1-800-232-5952) WARNING: Driving while distracted
can result in loss of vehicle control,
crash and injury. We strongly
@FordService recommend that you use extreme
caution when using any device that
may take your focus off the road.
Canada Your primary responsibility is the
Ford Customer Relationship Centre safe operation of your vehicle. We
1-800-565-3673 (FORD) recommend against the use of any
ford.ca hand-held device while driving and
encourage the use of voice-operated
@FordServiceCA Explorer systems when possible. Make sure you
October 2014 are aware of all applicable local laws
Second Printing
Quick Reference Guide that may affect the use of electronic
Litho in U.S.A. devices while driving.
FL2J 19G217 AA
Basic Commands Navigation* Entertainment TABLE OF CONTENTS
? What can I say? ? Navigation list of commands ? Audio list of commands:
? List of commands -Destination street address You can also get
? Main menu detailed lists of
? Previous - Destination home commands for radio,
? Next - Navigation voice USB, Bluetooth? audio,
? Go back -Navigation volume SiriusXM and SD card*
? Exit ? Audio
? Help - Repeat instruction ? Radio
? Pair my phone -Show
heading-up/3-D> - FM preset <#>
? Travel Link list of commands ? CD
Phone - Traffic - Play track <1-512>
? Phone list of commands - Weather - Shuffle
- Dial - Movie listings ? USB
-Call on cell/ - Fuel prices - Play song INSTRUMENT PANEL 4-5
at home/at work -Sports
- Call voicemail scores/schedule> ? SiriusXM
- Do not disturb - SYNC 6-7
-Listen to text messages - Preset <#>
(phone-dependent feature) Climate* SYNC WITH MYFORD TOUCH 8-10
? Climate control list
of commands
- Climate CONVENIENCE 11
- Climate my temperature
- Climate temperature COMFORT 12-14
*available only with MyFord Touch
Some services may not be available in your more information. For U.S. customers: For Canadian customers: visit SyncMyRide.ca
area. Refer to your Owner's Manual, visit visit or call 1-800-392-3673 or call 1-800-565-3673 (select Option 1 or 2
the website or call the toll-free number for (select Option 1 or 2 for language, then Option 3). for language, then Option 3).
3. CRUISE CONTROL 5. SERVICE ENGINE radio station preset, CD track or
To set a cruise control speed: SOON LIGHT preset satellite radio channel*.
Lights briefly when you switch VOICE CONTROL*
5 A.Press the ON control up on the ignition. If the light remains Press to access SYNC?
and release. on or is blinking after starting the phone features.
B.A ccelerate to the engine, the On-Board Diagnostics
desired speed. (OBD-II) system has detected a Press to access
4 6 C.Press the SET control up and problem. Drive in a moderate fashion voice recognition.
release, then take your foot off and contact an authorized dealer as
1 the accelerator. soon as possible. 8. PUSH BUTTON START*
Allows you to start your vehicle by
After you set your speed, you can 6. R IGHT INFORMATION fully pressing the brake pedal and
press the SET control up or down DISPLAY the ENGINE START STOP button.
8 9 to adjust cruise speed. To switch Displays information about Press the button again to switch the
3 7 off cruise control, press the OFF Entertainment, Phone and engine off.
control down. Navigation*. Use the right-hand,
5-way controls located on your NOTE: Your intelligent access
steering wheel to scroll through, transmitter* must be inside the
highlight and make minor vehicle for the ignition to start.
Provides information about various adjustments within a selected
systems on your vehicle. Use the menu. Refer to the MyFord Touch?
left-hand, 5-way controls located chapter in your Owner's Manual 9. HAZARD CONTROL
on the steering wheel to choose for more information.
When the lighting control is in Use the information display AND TELESCOPE
and confirm settings and messages.
Refer to the Information Displays 7. STEERING WHEEL-
the autolamps position, the controls to adjust the period STEERING COLUMN* chapter in your Owner's Manual for MOUNTED CONTROLS
headlamps automatically turn of time that the headlamps The four-way rocker control more information.
on in low light situations or when remain on. See the Lighting allows you to tilt and telescope AUDIO CONTROL
the system activates the wipers. section of your Owner's the steering wheel to the position Press VOL + or - to increase or
The headlamps remain on for a Manual for more details. you desire. decrease volume levels. Press SEEK
period of time after you switch or to access the next or previous
4 the ignition off. *if equipped *if equipped 5
S Y N C ? SYNC is a hands-free, voice recognition system used for entertainment,
information and communication. SYNC. Say the Word.
Before You Get Started NOTE: The system may prompt you to -- NOTE: You must download your phone book to make phone Do Not Disturb Mode
1. Set up your owner account at (U.S.) ? S et your phone as the primary or favorite (the primary phone calls with voice commands by name. This feature blocks incoming calls and text messages and saves
or SyncMyRide.ca (Canada). Register by following the receives messages and voicemail). them for later. You still have access to outgoing calls when this
on-screen instructions. After registering, you can see what ? D ownload your phone book (required to use the full set of feature is active. Say the voice command "Do not disturb on" to
services you may be eligible for. voice commands). Making a Phone Call enable and "Do not disturb off" to disable.
2. SYNC uses a wireless connection called Bluetooth? to ? Switch 911 Assist? on. Use SYNC to make a phone call to anyone in your phone book
communicate with your phone. Switch on Bluetooth mode by pressing the voice button . When prompted, say any of USING SYNC TO ACCESS DIGITAL MEDIA
in your phone's menu options. This lets your phone find the following voice commands: SYNC has a media hub with multiple inputs allowing you to
SYNC. If you need more details on setting up your phone Tips access personal media from your digital devices. Plug in your
with SYNC, visit (U.S.) or SyncMyRide.ca ? Make sure you accept the request from SYNC to access Call Call at work USB media devices such as phones and MP3 players and use
(Canada), or your phone manufacturer's website. your phone. Call on cell Call at home SYNC to play all of your favorite music.
Pairing Your Phone with SYNC
? To pair subsequent phones, please refer to Pairing
Subsequent Phones in the SYNC chapter of your For example, you could say "Call Jake Smith at home". SYNC Using Voice Commands to Play Music
In order to use the many features of SYNC, such as making a Owner's Manual. repeats the command and dials the number. 1. Plug your media player into your USB port.
phone call, you must first connect or pair your phone with SYNC. ? If you experience pairing problems, try performing a clean 2.P ress the voice button . When prompted, say
pairing by deleting your services from SYNC, deleting the "USB", then follow-up saying one of the following
To Pair Your Phone for the First Time SYNC connection from your phone, and then repeating NOTE: You can also make phone calls by pressing the voice
1. Make sure that your vehicle is in park (P) and you switch the process. button . When prompted, say the voice command "Dial", voice commands:
your ignition and radio on. then say the phone number. "Play all" "Play next song"
2. P ress the phone button . When the display indicates NOTE: If you have SYNC? with MyFord Touch?, see the pairing Answering Incoming Calls "Play song " "Play album "
No Phone Found, press OK. instructions on page 8.
3. When Add Bluetooth Device? appears in the display, Whenever you have an incoming call, the name and number 3.The system repeats the command and then plays
press OK. of the person calling appears in your display. Press the phone your selection.
4. W hen Find SYNC appears in the display, press OK. When button to answer an incoming call. You can hang up at any
prompted on your phone's display, enter the PIN provided time by pressing and holding the phone button .
by SYNC into your phone.
5. The display indicates when the pairing is successful.
Get in Touch Using Your Four-Corner Touchscreen 1. Press the voice button .
Phone, Navigation*, Climate and Entertainment are the four main features of SYNC with MyFord Touch. When prompted, say "Destination
Each feature has its own corner represented by its own color. street address".
Pairing Your Phone with
2. T he system asks you to say the
full address and then displays an
MyFord Touch example on-screen.
Pair your phone to SYNC before using 3. Y ou can then speak the address
MyFord Touch. naturally, such as: "One two three
Make sure that your vehicle is in park (P) Main Street, Anytown".
and you switch on both your ignition Voice-control your phone for hands-free Get started with your navigation system You can also use the touchscreen to enter
and radio. calling with your phone securely tucked by pressing the upper-right green corner. a destination and narrow your choices by
1. Touch Add Phone in the upper left away. With SYNC, you do not need to The available, voice-activated navigation city or street as you type.
corner of the touchscreen. know the phone number. Just say the system includes: You can choose from up to three different
2. Make sure to set your cellular phone's name of the person you want from ? S iriusXM TrafficTM types of routes:
Bluetooth ON. your contacts. ? S iriusXM Travel LinkTM ? Fastest: Uses the fastest moving
3. Select SYNC on your cellular phone and Your phone connects you with many ? G PS (Global Positioning roads possible.
a six-digit PIN appears on your device. other features: System) technology ? S hortest: Uses the shortest
4. You may be prompted to enter a PIN ? A utomatically connects with a 911 ? 3 -D mapping distance possible.
on your device. To pair, enter the PIN operator in the event of an accident
displayed on the touchscreen. (you must switch this feature on prior ? T urn-by-turn navigation ? E co (EcoRoute): Uses the most
5. Confirm that the PIN provided by SYNC to the event). Some features require activation. Refer to fuel-efficient route.
matches the PIN displayed on your ? T ransfer calls seamlessly from SYNC the MyFord Touch chapter of your Owner's Tips
cellular phone. to your phone as you get in or out of Manual for complete details. ? S ave your favorite locations by
6. T he display indicates when the pairing your vehicle.
is successful. Refer to the SYNC chapter of your Set a Destination touching Save to Favorites.
Owner's Manual for complete details. Set a destination on your touchscreen ? C hange your map views from Direction
by using a street address, a city center, Headed, North Up or 3-D.
Use the four-corner, four-color touchscreen to explore and interact with your vehicle. The touchscreen works the same way a place on the map or a point of interest
traditional controls, knobs and buttons do. Press the various corners on your touchscreen to personalize the many features and (POI). The easiest way, however, NOTE: Make sure the navigation SD card*
settings of your vehicle all in one place, and press the home icon at any time to return to your home screen. The system provides is by voice. is in the media port or your navigation
system will not work.
easy interaction with your cellular phone, multimedia entertainment, climate controls and navigation system*.
8 *if equipped *if equipped 9
CLIMATE Heat Your Steering Wheel* ? Touch Presets and then touch and EASY FUEL? SYSTEM NOTE: Your intelligent access switch the ignition on as you normally
Press the Climate corner of the hold one of the memory preset With this system, push the fuel door transmitter must be within 3 feet would before driving. To switch the
touchscreen, and press to switch buttons to save it. The sound mutes to open, insert the nozzle and begin (1 meter) of the vehicle for intelligent engine off from outside the vehicle after
the feature on and off. briefly and returns when the system fueling. It is self-sealing and therefore access to function properly. using your remote start, press once.
NOTE: Wood-trimmed steering wheels*
saves the station. protected against dust, dirt, water, snow
will not heat between the 10 o'clock and Bring in Your Own Music and ice. Wait 10 seconds from the time To unlock the driver's door, pull the MYKEY?
2 o'clock positions. Gain access to any audio source by voice the refueling nozzle shuts off until you front exterior door handle. To lock the MyKey allows you to program certain
and even control how each operates, remove the nozzle from the vehicle. This doors, press and hold the door handle driving restrictions in order to promote
Access Your Rear Climate Control* like changing radio stations, CD tracks or time allows residual fuel in the nozzle to lock sensor. To unlock and open the good driving habits. You can program
Touch the Rear button on the lower- music on one of the following devices: drain into the tank. liftgate, press the exterior liftgate release things like speed restrictions, limited
button underneath the liftgate handle. volume levels and safety belt reminders.
right corner to activate and then adjust ? CD NOTE: When using a portable fuel The intelligent access transmitter also For complete information, refer to the
temperatures and fan speed, or give ? USB container, slowly insert the fuel funnel contains a mechanical key blade, which MyKey chapter in your Owner's Manual.
SYNC with MyFord Touch controls the second-row passengers access to
temperature, airflow direction, fan speed their independent control. ? Bluetooth? streaming (located in the spare tire compartment), can be used to unlock the driver's door INTEGRATED KEYHEAD
and other climate features like climate ? Audio line in and pour the fuel into the funnel. Do not or secure the locking* glovebox, if TRANSMITTER REMOTE
controlled front seats* and rear climate use aftermarket funnels as they will not necessary. See your Owner's Manual
control* for you and your passengers. ENTERTAINMENT Refer to the MyFord Touch chapter in work with the Easy Fuel system and for more information. ENTRY ICONS*
your Owner's Manual, visit the website may cause damage. Properly clean the REMOTE START*
? Press once to lock all doors.
Press again within three seconds
To use voice commands to operate No matter how you store your music, or call the toll-free number for more funnel after each use. Remote start allows you to start the to confirm all doors are locked.
climate, say a voice command like SYNC makes it yours to enjoy when you're information. See the inside front cover engine from outside your vehicle using ? Press once to unlock the driver's
"Climate temperature 72 degrees" and behind the wheel. Just press the lower- of this guide for details. INTELLIGENT ACCESS* your key. To start, press and then door. Press again within three
MyFord Touch will make that adjustment. left red corner of the touchscreen. From press twice within three seconds. seconds to unlock all doors.
here, you can easily go between AM/FM, Your vehicle will run for 5, 10, or 15 ? Press to start the panic alarm.
Set Your MyTemp SiriusXM and other media sources. minutes, depending on the setting. Press again or switch on the ignition
? Touch the lower-right blue corner on Set Your Radio Presets See the Information Displays chapter to stop the alarm.
the touchscreen. ? Touch the lower-left corner on in your Owner's Manual to select the
? Set your exact, desired temperature the touchscreen. duration of the remote start system. ? Press twice within three
using the (+) or (-) buttons. ? Touch FM.
Once inside, apply the brake while seconds to open the liftgate.
pressing the ENGINE START STOP ? Car finder: Press twice within
? Press and hold the MyTemp button ? Touch Direct Tune. button. Shift into drive (D) and go. If you three seconds to locate your
until the background color goes solid.
? E nter the desired station and have an integrated keyhead transmitter, vehicle. The horn sounds and
10 touch Enter. *if equipped *if equipped insert the key into the ignition and the lamps flash.

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