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PDF Script for Table Topics Master

The purpose of Table Topics is to practice the skill of impromptu speaking or,
speaking "off the cuff". We are often put in a position where we are asked to
speak with little or no preparation both in business situations and social
situations. To be able to do this with confidence is important to us all and
requires practice.
As Table Topics Master, you are tasked with organizing and administering the
Table Topics session, which involves preparing six individual topics which may
or may not have a specific theme, and finding six presenters to participate in the
When preparing your Table Topics session, you can choose any theme, any topic
and any subject you wish, providing of course it does not offend anyone's
sensibilities. Each presenter has 2 minutes to speak, so try not to make the topic
too difficult or obscure. You may also choose how you want to run your session
(e.g. a story telling format where you would start the story and each speaker
would build on from the speaker before, a debate format, or simply individual
topics for each speaker). Remember that the topic doesn't always have to be
something written on a piece of paper - it could also be an image, photograph,
tangible item, etc.
When running your session, you may select the speakers before Table Topics
starts and hand them each a slip of paper with the topic written on it, but which
cannot be seen by the speakers (these slips should be numbered 1 to 6 which
would be the order of speaking). Each speaker would open their slip of paper at
the time the speaker immediately before them begins to speak. This will give the
speakers one to two minutes to prepare their mini-speech.
Alternately you may choose to select pre-confirmed or random speakers from the
audience immediately before they are to speak, at which time you would give
them the topic verbally. This option gives virtually no preparation time and is
truly "impromptu".
At the meeting, before the Call to Order, you should find six participants for your
session, who will each speak for two minutes. In order to give everyone an
opportunity to speak during the meeting, first ask members who are not
otherwise on the program or are performing minor roles. If there are any guests
you may also ask them if they'd like to participate.
When called upon by the Toastmaster, go to the lectern.
At the beginning of Table Topics, explain the purpose of the session and outline
any instructions you want the speakers to follow (i.e. is the session built around
individual topics, is it to be a story line, debate, etc.) If appropriate, tell
participants that they should open their table topic when the speaker
immediately preceding them begins to speak. Ask your first presenter to open
their Table Topic now to give him/her some time to prepare.
Remind participants to use the word of the week and explain that like any speech
the speakers should make sure that their presentation has an "opening",
"middle" and "conclusion".
Explain the timing for the session (green at one minute, yellow at 1?, and red at
two minutes, with the buzz 30 seconds later. Remind participants that during a
contest, presenters must speak for more than one minute and less than 2 ?
minutes to qualify, therefore the same timing is used in the club for practice, and
anyone outside of those time limitations will be not be eligible for the vote.
After each person has spoken, ask the Timer to identify any disqualifications.
Remind the members to vote for the best table topics speaker, keeping in mind
the level of the speaker, word of the week usage, presentation format, and
entertainment "value". To assist with the vote, remind members of the
presentations by giving a brief summary by simply identifying the speaker and
the topic they spoke on.
Name Topic

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