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  • Structured Finance - New York Life
  • New York State Department of Taxation and Finance New York ...
  • New York University University of Washington New York ...

New York University University of Washington New York ...

Stern School of Business
Structured Finance
Dr. Ian Giddy
New York University
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What is Structured Finance?
Financing with Equity-Linked Securities and Structured
Financing with Asset-Backed Securities
Credit-Linked Structured Finance
Commercial MBS and Project Finance
Leveraged Finance
Mezzanine Finance
Copyright ?2008 Ian H Giddy 3
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Financing techniques tailored to
special needs or constraints of
issuers or investors
Solving problems that are not easily
solved by conventional financing
Question: Why and when should
companies consider the use of
structured financing techniques?
Copyright ?2008 Ian H Giddy 8

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