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  • PDF Update on Priorities and Data Comparison between TTU & AAU ...

PDF Update on Priorities and Data Comparison between TTU & AAU ...

Update on Priorities and Data Comparison
between TTU & AAU Institutions
M. Duane Nellis
Texas Tech University
May 16, 2014
International Students
? A "One-Stop Shop" for international students with recruitment, admission,
advising, graduation, and alumni relations is being located in and offered by the
Office of International Affairs (OIA).
? International recruiter in OIA will join the team on or about July 1, 2014.
? Third-party international recruiters, Shorelight and Navitas have been short-listed
as a pathway program to enhance recruitment efforts. Our goal is to have a
contract in place by early June.
? In consultation with Daquiprafora, an educational advising group in Brazil, we will
develop an agreement to recruit students in Brazil, including the TTUISD
students, from Brazil. Our goal is to have a contract in place by the end of May.
International Students (continued)
? Negotiations are ongoing to identify dedicated onsite recruiters in China
and India and expect to have contracts in place by the end of August.
? OIA is working with Communications staff to develop new print and digital
recruitment materials targeting international students and to update the
OIA webpage. This will be completed by the end of May.
? International graduate applications (as of 5/9/2014) are 3,056 compared to
2,029 for all the academic 2013 year. Total international applications are
4,402 compared to 3,214 for fall 2013 and admits already exceed the fall
2013 total.
Graduate Students
? As of 5/9/14 applications to the graduate school are 5,162 compared to 3,743 last year
(38% increase). Based on recent analysis we anticipate that Graduate enrollment could
increase from 3-6%.
? Communication plan launched providing information about Lubbock and university,
housing, transportation/moving logistics, and special information for international students.
? Awards for the doctoral dissertation completion fellowship will be announced by May 15. These
awards will allow students to work on their research in order to complete their dissertation by
year's end; resources previously used to support awardees will be directed to new students.
Graduate Students (continued)
? One hundred-fifteen (115) recruitment fellowships that provide $4k supplements
to department offers have been issued during the spring semester to enhance
enrollment of new students
? New marketing/PR manager search is underway and will be completed
in the coming weeks.
? Dean Sheridan has appointed a professional development task force to review
graduate student professional development and to develop an implementation
plan for institutionalizing graduate student professional development.
? Dean Sheridan is continuing to review the organization and staffing of the
graduate school and has made some organizational changes.
? Announcement has been sent out to launch a central organizational structure for online and distance
education, "Texas Tech University - Worldwide eLearning," to be implemented September 1, 2014.
? Organizational structure will include existing Office of Online Compliance & Regulation that ensures that
Texas Tech is authorized to offer programs online and at the regional teaching sites. The Office of
Online Compliance & Regulation will oversee the activities of this partnership.
? Office of Instructional Design and Web Technologies will assist with the design, delivery, and review of
online courses (synchronous and asynchronous) to ensure high quality, provide opportunities for
significant interaction, and in compliance with the Principles of Good Practice for Online Learning.
? We will be identifying a partner to assist with marketing of our online programs.
? Majority of funds dedicated to eLearning will be used to support online initiatives of the colleges,
departments, and faculty. Departments will have opportunities to apply for competitive program
development grants to assist with increasing the offerings of online and distance education degrees.

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