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microsoft office 2016 .au

Give your teams the newest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
and OneNote on all of their computers and mobile devices.
Microsoft Office 2016? helps businesses improve productivity with always up-to-date
versions of the Office applications workers use every day, including Word?, Excel?, T R U S T R A C K S P A C E
PowerPoint? and Outlook?. Add Microsoft Office to our powerful and affordable ? A leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant
Rackspace hosted email solutions and rely on our award-winning Fanatical Support?. for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting, Europe
and North America
Microsoft Office 2016 at Rackspace makes it even easier for teams to work together ? Hosting provider for more than 50% of the
Fortune 100
wherever they are on any device they choose. With Fanatical Support you can call on a
team of always-available Microsoft Office specialists, ready to handle any support or ? 15+ years of hosting experience
management question or issue, no matter how big or small. ? Serving customers in 120+ countries
? Only five-time Microsoft Hosting Partner of
the Year
W H Y R A C K S P A C E F O R M I C R O S O F T O F F I C E ? ? Microsoft Gold-Certified in Cloud Productivity
?? Never upgrade Microsoft Office again, with the new, always-updated subscription installed on
your employees' desktops.
?? Do your best work wherever you go, with premium Word editing, Excel analysis and PowerPoint
presentation features included in Office on your desktop, online and via free apps for iOS and
?? One terabyte of cloud storage with OneDrive for Business gives you ample room for your files.
Securely access, store and edit documents that you can share with colleagues -- no matter
where they are.
soft Partner
E XPERIENC E FANATIC AL SUPP ORT Gold Collaboration and Content
Get an always-updated version of Microsoft Office, Office Online and OneDrive for Gold Cloud Productivity
Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
Business. Includes free setup, onboarding and US-based support via phone, chat or
ticket, with no limits on the number of monthly tickets and no per-incident charges. Solve
issues quickly and get back to work.
We deliver Fanatical Support? for the world's leading clouds -- it's the specialized
expertise and 24x7x365, results-obsessed customer service that's been a part of our
DNA since 1999.
Microsoft Office 2016 at Rackspace includes:
?? Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook
?? Accessible via desktop and online
?? 1TB OneDrive for Business storage per user
?? 24x7x365 Fanatical Support
ht t p s://w w w. r a ck s p a m/of f i ce -3 6 5/
m i cro s of t- of f i ce
? Work across your devices: Install Office on up to five PCs/Macs, tablets and mobile
devices for each user, and transfer the installation to new devices whenever you
need to.
? Professional email and applications: Combine Microsoft Office with our powerful and P R I C I N G
affordable business email solutions without moving to the full Office 365 service and
paying for features you don't need.
OFFICE 2016 UP TO 300 300+
? One bill, one control panel: Manage all your Office 2016 licenses and simple month-to- USERS USERS
month billing from the same email control panel you use to manage Rackspace Email
or Hosted Exchange. Add users, transfer licenses, open support tickets and chat with Price $8 $11.50
Fanatical Support RackersTM. Full installed versions of
Word, Powerpoint, Excel, ? ?
Outlook, OneNote and more
iPad, Windows RT & ? ?
smartphone apps
Office 2016 Online ? ?
Microsoft Access ? ?
1TB cloud storage ? ?
(OneDrive for Business)
ht t p s://w w w. r a ck s p a m/of f i ce -3 6 5/
m i cro s of t- of f i ce
Copyright ? 2016 Rackspace | Rackspace?, Fanatical Support? and other Rackspace marks are either registered service marks or service marks
of Rackspace US, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Features, benefits and pricing presented depend on system configuration and
are subject to change without notice. Rackspace disclaims any representation, warranty or other legal commitment regarding its services except
for those expressly stated in a Rackspace services agreement. All other trademarks, service marks, images, products and brands remain the sole
property of their respective holders and do not imply endorsement or sponsorship. DATE MODIFIED: 2016-07-19

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