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Talent Management -
Finance function
? Background
? Our point of view
? Introduction to finance effectiveness
? Our Offerings
> Finance Talent Management
> Finance Organization
> Finance Change Management
? Conclusion
? Case studies
PwC 2
The 14th Annual Global PwC CEO Survey* indicates that
CEOs have taken up the Finance Talent agenda with
renewed rigour
The impact of the New Economic Environment on the The 14th Annual Global
CEO survey key findings
CFO's and finance talent role suggest that 90% of the
CEOs expect their key
operations to grow in
66% of CEOs say that a
How can CFOs impart adequate business partnering lack of the right skills is
skills and what should be an optimal mix of their biggest talent
technical and business partnering capabilities challenge
65% of CEOs are
deliberating on the
What can CFOs do to align their business plans and performance
management strategies
talent strategy?
83% of CEOs intend to
make "some" or a
How can the CFO help the enterprise anticipate and "major" change to their
shape its environment and organization?
strategies for managing
* The survey(2011) findings are drawn from 1,201 interviews with CEOs in
PwC 69 countries conducted between 6th September and 2nd December 2010. 3
Our point of view
Having the right people with the right skills is an
important foundation for business partnering
? From a finance business partner view, having the ? Today's managers are also expecting finance
financial skills is a fundamental requirement but business partners to demonstrate many new
added to that are the necessary people skills disciplines which are not typically found in
? Some organisations are defining their own existing finance functions.
business partnering recipes of success to give ? These include having the service delivery mindset
clarity to the skills and behaviours that people are of a shared service centre, strong relationship
expected to develop skills to manage outsource providers, robust team
? Skills development and senior commitment to working and collaboration skills
build the right culture will be required where there
are gaps
Need of business unit Finance knowledge
Specialist knowledge Business partner Data Integrity
Sponsorship Strategy knowledge
Business Finance
Unit Unit
Strategic business understanding Presentation skills Facilitator Finance knowledge
Business unit knowledge Negotiation skills Empathy Accounting principles
Network of contacts Managing conflict Coach Process knowledge
Influencing skills Integrity Reporting knowledge
Problem solver Influencer
Managing change Trusted advisor
PwC Stakeholder management 4
Consulting skills
Listening skills
Introduction to finance function effectiveness
To become a business partner a clear vision of how
finance supports the business is critical
Finance Diagnostic Insight
Assessment of a part or the whole of Measure, monitor and enhance the
the finance function (health check) effectiveness of corporate strategy
function Efficiency
Risk, Compliance & Control change Deliver quality services in a timely
Optimise risk and establish a robust,
cost effective control environment
and cost effective manner
Risk , Compliance & People Efficiency
Align talent management practices to finance service strategy
Ensure that technology is widely used and fully integrated &
PwC 5
Introduction to finance function effectiveness
A world-class finance function delivers value
through its service delivery model by managing
Simplifying and Integrating leading Selecting the right Adopting the right
standardizing technologies to people; developing operating model that is
processes to support support the the right skills and aligned to the corporate
efficient, but high organization competencies strategy and responsive
quality services to the business
Making the desired future state of the finance function a reality - timely
and successful transition
PwC 6

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