Trade finance and supply chain finance awards 2020

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management ...

Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance Awards 2020
- Entry Deadline November 8
In February 2020, Global Finance will publish its annual selections
for the World's Best Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance
Global Finance will name the best trade finance providers in 96 countries, eight
global regions and eight regions of the US. We also will select the best bank for
trade finance globally, as well as the best banks in various service categories, such
as document management and export finance.
The supply chain finance awards will include winners in nine global regions, as well
as global winners for supply chain financing, customer implementation, and other
The full list of awards for both can be found on the following pages.
The awards will be presented at the BAFT Global Annual Meeting
in Frankfurt in London on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.
Global Finance's awards and recognition programs are backed by a 33-year legacy of editorial accuracy and
integrity. Our corporate and financial readers rely on them as the trusted standard of excellence for the financial
industry. Our ratings and rankings are credible, reliable and real.
Global Finance's readers use these awards and rankings in their decision-making process and are more likely to do
business with award winners.* The proud distinction of being a Global Finance honoree is something every winner
can and should use to stand out from and above their competitors.
Some of the ways Global Finance award winners have leveraged their status include:
? Advertising ? Internal communications ? Recruitment efforts
? Annual reports ? Investor relations information ? Social media campaigns
? Conference signage ? Press releases ? Stadium and airport signage
? Custom videos ? Promotional materials ? Websites
? In-branch signage ? Employee motivation programs ? Email signatures
Earning a Global Finance award allows individual honorees and entire departments to stand out within their
organization, leading to higher visibility across their industry sector, improved staff retention and greater
professional and personal recognition. Submitting an entry significantly increases the chance of winning awards
because entrants can make their own cases and provide information and perspectives that may not be available to
Global Finance's editorial board.
*Sources: Global Finance subscriber surveys - 2013 & 2016/2017 Page 1 of 4
Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance Awards 2020
Global winners will be recognized in the following categories:
Best Bank Trade Finance Provider - Bank Best Trade Finance Software Provider*
Best Bank Trade Finance Provider - Non-Bank* Best DLT Platform for Trade Finance *
Most Innovative Bank For Trade Finance Best Bank for Export Finance
Best Bank for Commodity Finance Best Bank for Structured Trade Finance
Best Trade Document Management Best Bank for Trade Finance in Emerging Markets
Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Trade Finance*
Best Supply Chain Finance Provider - Bank Best Order-To-Pay
Best Supply Chain Finance Provider - Non-Bank Best New Application of Technology in Supply Chain Finance
Best Customer Implementation Best Dynamic Discounting Solution
Best Pre-Shipment Financing Solution Best Platform Connecting Buyers/Sellers/Financial Institutions
Best Post-Shipment Financing Solution* Best Inventory/Warehouse Financing*
Best Provider of Sustainable Finance Solutions in
Supply Chain Finance*
* New Category For 2020
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Submissions should be made no later than November 8, 2019 and sent to:
Bobby Cohen, bcohen@ | 1-212-524-3212
Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance Awards 2020
Regional awards will be given for both Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance in:
Africa Central & Eastern Europe North America
Asia-Pacific Latin America Western Europe
Caribbean Middle East
Awards will be given for the Trade Finance category ONLY in the following countries and US Regions:
Algeria Cameroon Germany Latvia Oman South Africa
Angola Canada Ghana Lebanon Pakistan South Korea
Argentina Chile Greece Lithuania Palestine Spain
Armenia China Guatemala Luxembourg Panama Sweden
Australia Colombia Honduras Malaysia Peru Switzerland
Austria Cote d'Ivoire Hong Kong Malta Philippines Taiwan
Azerbaijan Croatia Hungary Mauritius Poland Thailand
Bahrain Cyprus India Mexico Portugal Tunisia
Bangladesh Czech Republic Indonesia Mongolia Qatar Turkey
Belgium Denmark Israel Morocco Romania Ukraine
Bolivia Egypt Italy Mozambique Russia UAE
Bosnia & Herzegovina El Salvador Japan Namibia Saudi Arabia UK
Botswana Estonia Jordan Netherlands Senegal US
Brazil Finland Kazakhstan New Zealand Serbia Uruguay
Bulgaria France Kenya Nigeria Singapore Uzbekistan
Cambodia Georgia Kuwait Norway Slovakia Vietnam
Far West New England Southeast
Great Lakes Plains Southwest
Mid-Atlantic Rocky Mountain
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Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance Awards 2020
With input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts, Global Finance selects the winners
based on objective and subjective factors. Our criteria include trade-related transaction volume, scope of global
coverage, customer service, competitive pricing, risk management and innovative products, services and technology.
Decisions are informed by provider submissions, and performance will be judged over the period Q4 2018 through
Q3 2019.
Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the review process.
It is not necessary to enter in order to win, but experience shows entries significantly increase the chance of success.
In many cases, entrants present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to the editors of Global
Finance. Global Finance maintains best journalistic practices to protect the confidentiality of information supplied. Any
information provided that is not appropriate for the public domain should be clearly identified.
Those making submissions should provide concise information in the following areas:
1. Transaction volume, market share and scope of global coverage. Submit data on the scale of your trade operations,
including comparisons with competitors. For supplier finance awards, also submit the number of customers using your
solutions, number of countries involved and how many suppliers are enrolled.
2. Customer service. Submit customer endorsements (Global Finance may make further contacts for additional
3. Execution skills. Submit client-specific examples of trade transactions and/or implementation of supply
chain financing solutions and their associated benefits.
4. Commitment to the business. Submit (year on year) data in terms of technology investment, number of employees
dedicated to the business, expansion and capabilities.
5. Technology. Provide examples of cutting-edge technology deployment and product innovation.
6. Please include the contact information requested below to ensure that your submission is processed properly.
? Provider Name (as it should appear on awards-related announcements)
? Award(s) Being Submitted For
? Submission Contact Name/Title/Email/Phone
? Communications Contact Name/Title/Email/Phone
? Line of Business Head Contact Name/Title/Email/Phone
All contact information is required for entries to be considered.
Any contact information submitted on Global Finance Calls For Entries or in relation to the publication's awards and
events programs are subject to Global Finance's privacy policy, listed here:
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your entry from the contact listed at the bottom of this
page within 48 hours of sending, please resend AND notify them to ensure that your entry has been received and is
processed correctly. Page 4 of 4
Submissions should be made no later than November 8, 2020 and sent to:
Bobby Cohen, bcohen@ | 1-212-524-3212

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